13-china-pollutionBurn the fuels, and suffer the acid rain. It’s a loop, and it’s already happening in China. According to the Beijing report, one-third of China is suffering from acid rain, and if the environmental factors won’t get better, the entire regime would go through it by 2020. If you’re planning to reside in China, ponder your decision again. Since, it’s failing to enforce environmental standards; its industrial growth churns out 25.5 percent of Sulphur Dioxide – a chemical which causes acid rain on a grand scale. And, this is just the tip of an iceberg.


China’s environment ministry is constantly warning too regarding the upcoming disasters. It reveals that severe water pollution and soil erosion are also grandly supporting acid rain, especially in the major cities. If the government won’t introduce instant action plans, the entire country would suffer its harmful effects, and jeopardize its infrastructure and aquatic animals as well. Besides, the 52% of forests’ biological-productivity would also be damaged.

harbin2_2709592bFurthermore, a headline from the experts earned all the attention in the global media; they announced that, in 2020, visiting China would be like knocking on the hell’s door, as even the protective masks won’t defend you from the air pollution, and the acid rains, won’t allow you to move freely, even if you’re with your umbrella, or driving your million-dollar vehicle.

Is there any silver lining in China’s acid rain issue? Well, yes, there is, but the current stature of the supervision exhibits that they aren’t serious regarding it. Though, there are some professional sectors, which are attempting to resolve this issue, however, their steps aren’t enough; they just hand a false sense of calmness and throw the dust in our eyes.

If you’re in the regime of China, and if it’s 2020, expect to see damaged trees, decay of buildings, people inhaling Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and dealing with asthma and bronchitis. In addition, some segments are also planning to introduce the oxygen machines, which are not a viable solution yet, and don’t guarantee any success.

We aren’t the dinosaurs anymore; we’re breathing in the 21st century; the industries are our demands, and they hand us various other options. However, at the same time, they’re enveloping us in that smoke, especially in China, which is rather deadly. Though, the scientists are constantly offering various pollution-control programs to control the limit of the acid rain, but it appears that it would become China’s heaviest burden in a few years.

All in all, if we say, China is struggling in that battle (acid rain), which it can’t win, it would be utterly right. Since, it’s that music which is moving a million detrimental industries 24/7.


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