In the midst of continuous pressures over Beijing’s development of man-made islands in the West Philippine Sea, Admiral Scott Swift, the new leader of the U.S. Pacific armada has consoled and guaranteed allies that Washington is ready to react militarily.

Admiral Scott Swift

Asked what number of assets the U.S. military is prepared to give toward the West Philippine Sea, Swift maintained a strategic distance from to give a definite number.

“What I can assure is that we are prepared and ready to react to any possibility that the president may recommend would be necessary,” Swift told columnists in Manila on Friday, as per the Associated Press.

“On the off chance that we had the whole United States Navy here in the region, I think individuals would at present be asking, ‘Would you be able to bring more?” Swift clarified .

“Quick focused on that any number of the upcoming 52 sophisticated cutting edge battle ships could be positioned toward the West Philippine Sea, proposing that the Pentagon sees China as a more risky, aggressive and poses a bigger threat than the “ISIS” Islamic State terrorist.” Swift added.

By: Jason E.