Chinese Foreign and Defense Ministries reacted to a report of Japan supplying patrol planes to the Philippines that would be used to monitor activities in the  West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry

This was in response to a Reuters report referred to a four anonymous sources as saying that Tokyo wants to give three Beechcraft TC-90 King Air planes outfitted with surface and air reconnaissance radar to the Philippines, however Manila allegedly favored a more advanced aircraft, the Lockheed Martin P3-C Orion, which may have the capability to track China’s submarine activity.

The United States had requested and asked Japan to give training programs and maintenance support to any planes it gives the Philippines, a US military source told Reuters.

The Information Office of the Ministry of National Defense told China Daily in a written response.”China hopes that the military cooperation by relevant countries contributes to the peace and stabilization of the region and not the contrary,”

The Spokesperson’s Office of the Foreign Ministry stated that China hopes to see the parties involved do more to contribute to “improving the mutual trust among countries in the region”.

Image credit to Gerald Helmer
By: Carl E.