PHILIPPINES – Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said on Friday that the Philippines needs China’s assistance to modernize the nation, He expressed his hope that Sino-Philippines relations will enhance sooner rather than later.

Former Philippines President and now Mayor of Manila Joseph E. Estrada

In an exclusive interview with Chinese media, including the state-run outfit Xinhua. Estrada said that “The Philippines needs China more than China needs the Philippines.”

He said the Philippines’s infrastructure construction framework lingered behind other Asian nations.

This is more genuine particularly in the transportation sector as the nation’s airport was once evaluated the most noticeably awful in Asia and its citizens suffer a lot from inconvenience caused by traffic jams, he added.

“It is necessary for the Philippines to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. I hope China will help us,” he said.

Xinhua additionally reported that Estrada, who paid a state visit to China 15 years prior as the president of the Philippines, will go to China’s V-Day festivities on September 3 in Beijing.

“Our relations will improve,” Estrada was quoted as saying. He stressed it is always beneficial to maintain the two countries’ long-time friendship. “I’m going to renew the sister city relationship with Beijing.”

In April a year ago, Estrada took a trip to Hong Kong to visit families of victims of the Manila hostage crisis in 2010 and offer pay and compensation for the messed up police rescue operation.

Hong Kong, an administrative region of China, then lifted sanctions imposed on the Philippines including the resumption of visa-free access for Filipino officials, resolving the four-year diplomatic dispute.

By. Jason E. / Based and in view on reports from xinhua