This guy explains how the Filipino and Chinese soldiers concluded in the Korean war. He appreciated how the Filipino fought way back then and said that the Filipino soldiers will always be heroes in his heart.

The Korean War

The Battle of Hill Eerie refers to a few Korean War engagements between the UN and the Chinese Communist Forces in 1952 at Hill Eerie, a military station around ten miles west of Ch’orwon. It was taken a few times by both sides.

Some History

The Filipinos had  demolished the Chinese bunkers and withdrawn from the top of the hill. Friendly tanks resumed their bombardment of Hill Eerie.

The assault lasted for two hours, Ramos’ men suffered one injury while the Chinese had 1100 dead, 2540 wounded, whether from the supporting artillery, tanks and air strikes could not be determined. Ramos and his team captured Hill Eerie and the final assault was by the United Nations forces.