Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago in the book launch of “Stupid is forevermore.” Image source: Philstar

During the book launch of “Stupid is Forever More”  on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago announces that she will be joining the presidential race in 2016.

But the senator did not want to reveal what position she will be running for.

“I am not allowed under Comelec (Commission on Elections) law to say… all presidentiables are prohibited from saying they will run for president,” said Santiago.

“They can only say that they might seek public office, but they cannot define what office they will be seeking.”

When asked by media if she has a vice president in mind, Sen. Santiago gave a clue.

“He has already announced so we will be running together.” adding that the campaign color of the vice president is red.

‘If I become president, this country will be much better’

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When asked why she decided to run the senator says: “I will run because I already gotten over my bout of cancer and there’s nothing left to do.”

“If I become president sometime in the very near future, this country will be much better than it was before. Our country suffers from the malaise of plunder.”

“I think because I have served the government from the very beginning, I’ll end my career here.”

What can you say about this exciting turn of events? Will Mayor Duterte’s decision not to run for president benefit Sen. Santiago? Who are you going to vote in the upcoming elections?

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