China on Wednesday expressed anger and will file a diplomatic protest against the United States to a report that four to six U.S. Air Force A10 warthog planes from the Philippines performed unlawful flight missions in the vicinity of the Huangyan Island(Panatag shoal or Scarborough shoal) in the West Philippine Sea on April 19.

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According to China’s Foreign Ministry “the United States repeatedly violating Chinese airspace over Huangyan Island and we have noticed that the U.S. is pushing militarization of the South China Sea in the name of ‘Freedom of Navigation and overflight.”

Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the United States should play a constructive role in regional peace and stability, rather than the opposite, and this continued warplane overflights are endangering Chinese fishermen and Chinese coast guard vessels.

She said “The United States has repeatedly questioned China’s intentions, but will the U.S. explain its real motive in stoking tensions and increasing military presence in the area?”

“Does the United States mean freedom of navigation enjoyed by ordinary ships in line with international law or freedom of intrusion by U.S. military planes and vessels?” she added. – Carl E.