Is the response of Sec.Leila De Lima with regards on the bombing of Davao, a form of her retaliation against the present Administration for accusing her of being connected with druglords in bilibid?

According to Sec. Leila De Lima, “narco-terrorism” speculations by the Philippine National Police on the Davao night market bombing is unacceptable.

She said: “It is more than inappropriate to characterize in the same breath the extremist terrorist attack in Davao City also as an act of “narco-terrorism”, or worse, as having been funded by the political opposition — the first as advanced by the PNP Chief, and the second by a well-known ideologue of the Duterte administration – without any verification or validation.” 

“This is not the time to use a terrorist attack of a rebel extremist group to loosely and recklessly paint a picture of a conspiracy against the State among drug lords, the terrorists, and the legitimate political opposition” she added.

She also said: “Prominent Malacañang officials and close advisers of the President must be clear that the national security threat is terrorism, and not democracy and free speech.”

She closed her statement telling everyone to be watchful to any suspicious persons that they may encounter because the Abu Sayyaf may launch another deadly attack on other major cities in our country.