China strongly announced that the whole Kalayaan group of island will turn into a Chinese military Bases. This was revealed by China’s top military official saying “We have one sure formula, and that is to build military structures and facilities on every island, In fact the whole South China is ours and no one not even the United States of America or Japan can stop us. We are prepared and ready to a war!”

Their plan to make every island as a China’s military base is a clear and present danger not only in the Philippines but the whole world.  There is a full scale activities and ongoing moves are evidence that they are trying to invade all of this island. If the whole world will not act now, to stop this madness sooner all later every (ASEAN) country will be the next. (Source: China Chinhua News)


The Philippine government believes China’s reclamation in two reefs in the Spratlys could worsen the already fragile balance of peace and stability in the region.

In a text message, Department of National Defense (DND) spokesman Peter Galvez said yesterday the reclamation in Calderon (Cuarteron) and Gaven reefs goes against the Declaration on the Code of Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC).

China is apparently conducting reclamation projects in Gaven and Cuarteron reefs as President Aquino announced this week.

It has already transformed Subi Reef into a heavily fortified forward naval outpost.

Using the reef is a huge Chinese naval transport ship carrying a battalion of marines and tanks on board.

It is very close to Pag-Asa island, where Kalayaan town is located.

South of Subi Reef is Gaven Reef, where an artificial island has been created and turned into a Chinese naval base.

It can effectively check on the activities of Taiwanese forces based at the nearby Itu Aba, the biggest island in the region, as well as that of Vietnamese forces stationed in nearby islets and reefs.

Reports said China is also fortifying and transforming into an unsinkable aircraft carrier Fiery Cross Reef.

It is located between Mabini and Cuarteron reefs, where China reclamation activities were also monitored.

Kalayaan Mayor Eugenio Bito-onon Jr. said the security development around his town now merits serious concern, not only among the Spratlys-claimant states but worldwide.

Ongoing Reclamation And Construction of China’s Military Bases


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