Busan South Korea- President Aquino is inspecting FA-50 fighter jets that the Philippines is acquiring from South Korean firm (KAI), Korea Aerospace Industry.

src: angmalaya.net
src: eandt.theiet.org

President Aquino said that China called and pressured South Korean government not to sell a squadron of  fighter jets to the Philippines, “I think I read it in our media na may protest and Korea actually responded na…. I’m sorry I don’t remember the response. But at the end of the day, there is a transaction between two allies and it shouldn’t be objected to’.”

“I might be paraphrasing ha, but they didn’t agree to the request to halt the sale,” Aquino said.

“The last time kasi we had fighters in the inventory that was in 2005. So by next year isang dekada na ang dumaan, well a brand new squadron of FA-50 fighter jets is actually not enough, hopefully we will continue to  acquire and purchase more until our Armed Forces is fully modernized and capable of defending our own territory” Pres. Aquino said