What is a Santa Barbara Project?

During the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, there was a classified project called Santa Barbara. Its aim primarily is to develop different types of missile such as Ground to air missile (GTAM) or (SAM), Air to air and air to ground missile, (AAM) (AMRAAM) for a purpose of guarding and defending the country (Philippines) It will serve as an interceptor against incoming land, air, and sea threats and if successful, the 2nd plan is to mass produce it, export and sell the missiles to another country.

Santa Barbara-1

A new missile, called Bongbong-1, was 1st built. It was said to have a range of 12KM. It was built and designed by the greatest Filipino minds in the fields of Science and Aerospace Engineering with the help of German engineers and scientist. These rockets were tested between 1972 and 1980’s. (During that time, China was still testing the DF-3 and DF-4 and DF-5)

Santa Barbara-6

santa Barbara 5

Unfortunately, after Marcos, it was a dead stick. It’s a dead Santa Barbara project is done just in the dustbins of history.

Some critics are clamoring, asking it to ban and stop the project. They said it was intended only for the development of nuclear weapons so the bid was canceled by a former President Corazon Aquino, Political and lawful (the Current Constitution forbids the use and keeping of Nuclear weapons in the Philippines)

Santa Barbara Project and the launching pad of the missiles/rockets was the Caballo Island, which is near Corregidor.

Santa Barbara-3

A leak from our military insider that a team from the Armed Forces of the Philippines weapons and tactics (AFP), Department of Science and Technology weapons engineering specialist (DOST), and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel (Developer of Iron Dome) are working  jointly to reopen and reactivate the late Santa Barbara Project.

According to our military source, the ongoing territorial threat between China and the Philippines are the main reason why the government forced to reactivate the project. Likewise also to protect and help the Philippines for its minimum and credible defense posture in guarding its territory or (EEZ)

The project is now in its final stage of planning and discussion and hopefully, it will start in the 2nd quarter of 2015.



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