First Filipino made amphibious tricycle, “The Salamander” is an amphibious tricycle that can run both land and on water.

This Salamander amphibious tricycle is an amphibious type tricycle that can sail through Manila’s flooded streets, cross rivers and lakes, and can even go island-hopping.


The Salamander has two power-plant choices,  powered by 5-kilowatt  electric motor that runs on electricity and 250 cc. internal combustion type gasoline engine.

H20 Technologies Inc.

It was designed by a famous car designer named Atoy Llave who was in charge of the “Atoy Bodykits” and is well know among car lovers.

One main reason Atoy build the Salamander is to “show the world that the Filipino can”. And hoping the mentally of the Filipino people will change that “it’s just a Philippine made, there’s one better abroad”. And one more obstacle he has to face is the lack of funding. This is the biggest and the oldest problem of any brilliant Filipino creators.

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The curious thing you see here in this video–the Salamander amphibious trike–is Llave’s latest creation.

With this kind of unique invention travelling around flooded areas of  Metro Manila is not a big problem anymore.

Atoy Llave had a big hope with his new creation, having two working prototype and by spreading the word out to the world, an investor might give a call. The Filipino can!