The Philippines is known for its lush, tropical beauty, gorgeous beaches, and amazing culture. However, when you think of supercar origins the Philippines probably isn’t the first country that pops into your mind.

When thinking about sports cars, automobile enthusiasts usually picture the Italian luxury brands Lamborghini and Ferrari. But it is possible that the Philippines will soon be making a breakthrough in the luxury car industry especially after seeing the very first Philippine-made supercar in its debut.

Because of its unique design, local politicians, foreign film director and Hollywood actors are very eager to buy and acquire this supercar. And also a European car manufacturer is interested in buying its prototype for possible mass production of this unit.

The car has been fitted with handmade chassis, 18-inch Rota wheels, VR4 suspension systems, switchblade doors, light weight fibreglass reinforced plastic and carbon fibre materials for the interiors.


Aurelio interior-


The supercar was made by 21-year-old engineering student Kevin Factor and visionary architect Brendan Aurelio of FAA. Aside from the supercar, Trans Show will also hold the launching of Art Car Fest 2015, a car show that will showcase artistry in custom-designing cars. Some artists that will be featured include renowned sculptors Daniel de la Cruz and Ramon Orlina and National Artist for Visual Arts Ben Cab.

This relatively sleek and sexy supercar is still very much in development, and there is news of grumblings between its two founders, Kevin Factor and Brendan Aurelio, so this may be a short-lived dream. Regardless, it is cool enough to pass onto our faithful readers.


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