Manila – After four years of hard work, Raul (not his real name) a construction worker in Saudi Arabia came back home last December and now regretting what he has done.

Raul said, “Naingganyo kasi ako sa nakita ko sa Facebook, ginto kasi, mahilig kasi ako dyan, inaral ko naman pero nakakalungkot dahil di pala nakaregister dito. Wala na tuloy pang down ko sa bahay at pati asawa ko iniwan ako kasama pa anak ko.”

“I saw it on Facebook, it’s about gold and I’m very much fond of it, I merely did some research but it is not legally registered here in the Philippines. Down payment for the house was gone and my wife left also together with my son.”

Raul invested 182,500 Pesos or 5 solo shares for different names at EMGOLDEX because he wants to multiply his money. He will receive a return of 900,000.

But now, there is no assurance that he can get his money back. He wants to file a lawsuit but he doesn’t know how and who to pursue.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), EMGOLDEX is not registered and is not allowed to transact, operate and do business in the Philippines. Other countries like USA, Canada and UAE already banned EMGOLDEX because of its pyramid type scheme marketing plan. It will be a failure to anyone to engage with this kind of business, it’s absolutely not legitimate and not stable, sooner or later this pyramiding scheme will collapse because they have no product.

Be careful and think twice, plan and study first before you engage in a business you want to start.

Raul added “Kaya ko pa naman mag move-on pero kakahinayang talaga, may pera pa naman akong tira sa bangko kaso pang chicks na lang. Baka sakaling mabawasan ang nadarama ko.”

“I can move on but I really felt so sad. Well, I still have enough money in the bank to find somebody to love. Maybe it will ease the pain that I feel.”

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  1. I say this is impossible… the blogger say – “there is no assurance that he can get his money back” did he know what he is saying? Not emgoldex scammed this man, he only trust a wrong person. People scam other people using emgoldex.
    Iba ang alam sa naintindihan… halatang hindi naintindihan ang behind emgoldex. just one thing, saan scam ka nakakita na when you fail in their marketing program then your money will give back to you.

    WALANG LUGI di ba? pero bakit ka mag i-invest kung hindi mo rin lang alam at hindi gagawin? If you can’t find 2persons to enter the program then emgoldex will give it back your money. Saan ang sCaM dun? And where is the evidence?

    kaysa sa ibang MLM company na kapag nag-invest ka ng ganyan pera, maibabalik pa ba ang pera mo? Ofcourse not!!!

    all of those negative articles and negative comments i’ve heard and read are from those people not connected in emgoldex. but you can’t never heard negative feed back from other clients of emgoldex. Truly, successful people want other to succeed, but unsuccessful people want others fail.

    And wait… gaano ba kalaki ang sinasahod ng isang construction worker sa saudi? May pamilyang binubuhay, but then he save a lot of money!!! AMAZING!!! baka hindi na kayo kumakain LOL. tinalo mo pa pamangkin kong binata 5years nasa Qatar earning P24k but still wala pang P180k yet…

  2. wala akong paki alam kung scam man o hindi ang sa akin lang nabalik na ang pera ko….at may natira pa akong investment..bahala sila kung scam ang nasa isip nila basta…nabalik na ang puhunan ko..kung e scam man yon wala na akong lugi…

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