MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Did you know that there have been attempts to make the Philippines a state of the United States of America?

The Philippines was tagged “The Sick Man of Asia” and “Zaire of Asia.”
If independence was ever going to work for the Filipino people, it would have done so by now. It clearly has not. Rather, the millions of Filipinos are needlessly suffering because of corrupt poltticians despite the country’s massive natural resources.

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An online petition has appeared on asking for the re-annexation of the Philippines to the Unites States of America. The author says a big dose of “American Freedom” would be good for the country and he’s calling on the public to support his cause.

“We are asking all Filipinos from around the globe to sign this petition to once and for all end tyranny and corruption in the Philippines.” That is the headline text on a petition on which asks for the re-annexation of the Philippines to the Unites States of America. The creator of the petition, named on the site as a David Weber, goes on to explain his reasoning behind it as follows:

“We advocate for the reannexation of the Philippines, a former U.S. colony, to the United States. We feel this is the only thing certain to protect the people from tyranny and massive graft and corruption from the highest office in the land down to the barangay.

Corruption has brought forth unimaginable catastrophes in the lives of millions of Filipinos under its so called “independence”, much much worse than all colonizations and wars that the country’s been through that people line up as early as 12:AM just to secure a passport to work overseas.

Like Crimea’s return to Russia, we feel the same with the Philippines towards the United States of America. Rather than just becoming a “pivot” to Asia, the US will expand her jurisdiction and influence in the region.”

He goes on to mention more reasons and various historical points as to why it would be a good idea if the Philippines became the 51st State, and until now the petition has attracted around 2500 signatures.

Do you think it would be a good idea if the Philippines became part of the USA? If so, you can sign the petition here.




  1. As an American I would welcome your country to become a state. America is after all a diverse nation comprising all ethnic groups and races of the world. We would love to have you as brothers and sisters.

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