General Espina became a highlight in the investigation on  the death of fallen 44SAF policemen in Mamasapano Maguindanao  at the House of Representative which he became emotional, decries and seek answers to the other side.

But there are some netizen who can not identify the real General Espina.  Some of them mistakenly share and post  their sentiments which they  thought, General Leonardo Espina and didn’t realized that it was not him but a wrong guy.

Screenshot from Facebook

Above is a photo and screenshot of a famous artist no other than Michael De Mesa or Michael Edward Gil Eigenmann.

The uploader removed the facebook post when he realized that he posted the wrong General Espina in his timeline. It reached more than 700 likes and shared by more than 200 people with more than 100 comments before he remove it.

This is the real General Espina.

PNP OIC General Espina  (
PNP OIC General Espina (

Nevertheless, the General earned so much respect and sympathy from the people.

Watch the video of him being emotional at the house hearing: Emotional General Espina seeks answer


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