Initially, we just heard that Google might partner up with a Chinese OEM for the next Google Nexus, now it seems that Huawei will partner with Google to produce one of the new Nexus 2015 devices. While many of you are waiting for the next Huawei P8 Flagship, this is very good news for all Huawei fans indeed.


The news was first confirmed by Keving Yang, the director of the prestigious iSupply, one of the top Market Research Company worldwide. He wrote on Weibo that indeed Google has chosen Weibo as their next manufacturing partner for the Google Nexus Product Line.


Devices like the Dual Camera Honor 6Plus or the Large Huawei Ascend Mate 7, show that Huawei is able to produce Smartphones at the Premium Level. Especially their own Huawei Kirin CPU’s are incredibly strong in terms of raw processing power. If Huawei works in the graphics department for the GPU, Google might even decide to go for a Google Nexus Version with Huawei’s Kirin CPU.

Huawei will produce the Next Google Nexus 2015. This is very good news not only for Huawei fans. This might mean that the price of the next Google Nexus 7 will be more affordable  than Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 while the Nexus 6 is definitely at the Upper End of the Price Range.

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