What do you think? Is this the real reasons for all the problems happening in Mindanao?

The following explanations and elaborations are the views and opinions from “The Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah.”

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On Annexure of the Agreement it said “Bangsamoro government will own the natural resources in its territory.” The Philippine Constitution states “all natural resources are owned by the Philippine State.” No wonder, (MILF) has already allotted 75% shares of Liguasan Marsh estimated to be worth US$500 billion of oil and gas deposits in Cotabato to Petronas Malaysia, 20% to unknown interests (presumably Philippine government cronies) and 5% shares to (MILF).

Is it surprising Malaysia calls the shot in the Bangsamoro territory? NO. Malaysia is the paymaster and funder of the (MILF). Thus, it can dictate terms to the MILF. Since 1996 till today Malaysia paid senior leaders of MILF with money and mansions in Kuala Lumpur, plus money, guns, bullets, uniforms and bullets to the MILF troops to fight the Philippine Government in a secessionist war, not because Malaysia loved the Mindanao Muslims, but to keep Sabah and continue its illegal Sabah occupation as well as to continue its exploitation and plunder of Sabah’s riches amounting to US$100 billion from its oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, fishing, tourism etc., own by Tausugs and Filipinos.

In other words the Bangsamoro territory will be the BUFFER ZONE against Return of Sabah to the true Sultan of Sulu His Majesty Sultan Fuad A. Kiram and to His Tausug people and Filipinos.

In the Bangsamoro Agreement WHO IS THE WINNER? Malaysia. WHO ARE THE LOSERS? The Filipino people. Is it worth it? CERTAINLY NOT. You need a hole in the head to even consider it.

So why are current Philippine government officials over eager for the Bangsamoro Agreement passed by Congress? Who are the real WINNERS with Malaysia? Is there a sell-out like a fire sale to Malaysia of Sabah and South Philippines territories? I think so. I like to know and who are the guilty culprits?

Stories persist Malaysia paid Philippine government officials US$1 billion negotiated by a Malaysian sultan but only US$750 million paid to the officials before the signing of the Bangsamoro Agreement on March 27, 2014. Now it will be sensational news to know who these officials were who received less than 1% of Sabah’s annual illegal plunder by Malaysia. The mind boggles.

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