An additional 28 upgraded M-113A2 armored vehicle for the Mechanized Infantry Division of the Philippine Army (PA) is arriving. “18 will be delivered on May 11 2015, 14 of which will have a 76mm turret categorized as Fire Support Vehicle (FSV).And the remaining 10 units (4 units of 25mm and 6 units of 12.7mm) will be equipped with a Remote Control Weapons System (RWS) and another 4 units of Armored Recovery Vehicle will handed over on July 11,2015” PA spokesman Lt. Col Noel Detoyato said in a message to the Philippine News Agency.

Elbit System will be upgrading 28 M-113A2 granted by US Defense Security Cooperation Agency in the Philippines. The said upgrade has a contract price of USD2 million.

The last time the unit was able to receive such number of Armored Vehicles was in the 90’s when 150 units of Simba Fighting Vehicles (SFV) were delivered. With the transformation of the unit from a Light Armor Division to a Mechanized Infantry Division, the unit immediately recognized the problem of having additional Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) to fill up the requirement of the current Mechanized Division.

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