Palawan, Philippines — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates a world’s richest man, business magnate, inventor, philanthropist came in Palawan with his wife Melinda Gates and two of their three children for a brief vacation in the Amanpulo beach Resort.


According to reports, “The Gates family – Melinda Gates and two of their three children — reportedly spent three days in Palawan after arriving early morning of April 6 via a Global Express private plane.” secretly spending three days in the Resort. (During that short stay in the province, he also reportedly checked out an island in nearby El Nido, where he supposedly aims to invest in with unnamed Filipino partners.)

It is a secluded island resort overlooking the Sulu Sea that is enjoyed by the rich and famous as it has unique character as a vacation getaway.

Immigration authorities in Palawan said they were not informed of Gates’ arrival and only learned about it when the plane landed in Puerto Princesa.

Eyewitnesses at the Puerto Princesa City Airport told PNA that as soon as the Gates family arrived, they immediately boarded a private helicopter, assisted by retired police superintendent Edgar Iglasia, who was tasked to ensure the visitors’ safety and security.

Gates reportedly proceeded to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) within University of the Philippines Los Baños campus in Laguna. According to our sources within the research facility, Gates stayed in the vicinity for about two hours.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting IRRI and its partners to develop Golden Rice, a type of rice that contains beta carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. This grant builds on previous foundation funding, and supports a range of activities to develop Golden Rice varieties that are suited for the Philippines and Bangladesh. It is hoped that Golden Rice will help improve the health of millions of children and adults across the Philippines and Bangladesh.