BEIJING — Defying a U.S. call to halt the reclamation project, misled our Asean neighbors. “We’re here making our contribution to the entire South China Sea. We want to help small countries like the Philippines and Vietnam. We want to resolve this issue in a bilateral negotiation. We hope that our neighbors will open up their eyes.” Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

China defended its land reclamation in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, saying the work is for public service use, although a London-based security group says the new island could host a military airfield to intimidate neighbors.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the construction on some reefs in the archipelago was to enable Chinese citizens working there to “better perform international obligations in terms of search, rescue and other public services.”

“We are doing this for the greater good of every country around our territory.” Hua said.


China is now planning to construct three (3) to five (5) nuclear power plant and according to them, It will not benefit the mainland China. The main purpose is to have a steady supply of electricity in this region and likewise share the energy supply to the others as well.

Their next goal is to help the Philippines in its energy crisis problem and the looming high cost of electricity.

National Grid profits up 21%The Chinese energy ministry said that their nuclear plants produce a steady supply of electricity. By using a submarine cable it will then link to the Luzon Grid, Western and Eastern Visayans Grid up to the Mindanao Grid down to the Southern part of Jolo.

A study from China expert shows that with this electricity supply linkup, it will most likely be sure that the high cost of electricity will drop from 100% to only around 20 to 15% of the cost and by then businesses such as factories, establishment, malls, offices, schools, roads and every Filipinos are all happy paying a cheap cost of electricity.

For example: If the current bill is 2,000 Pesos, it can go down to just 400-600 Pesos including taxes.

This will surely guarantee that the Philippine economy will definitely grow.

But there is a doubt if the Philippine government will likely to say yes with China’s intentions since it will violate existing laws of the Republic prohibiting the use of  this type of technology. Republic Act 6969 – An act to control toxic substances and hazardous nuclear waste.

“China will not bully small countries, meanwhile, small countries shall not make trouble willfully and endlessly,” China’s Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said during a regular news briefing on Monday.

Hua said that no country has “a right to make irresponsible remarks” about the reclamation.

She said China has “indisputable sovereignty” over the Spratly Islands, which are also claimed by Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei.”

“China reiterates that Philippines should go back to bilateral negotiations and stop provocation. “We hope that the Philippine side would stop instigation and provocation and come back to the right track of resolving issues through negotiation and consultation.” Hua added.

by: Jason Estrella

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