Chinese Government secretly calls Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson through the back door channel after China intercepted a plan by the Philippines to purchase fighter jets from the United States.

They ask the CEO to stop and block the Philippine government on its acquisition plan to procure 1 squadron or 12 units of F16-V Fighting Falcon Fighter Jets. This was confirmed by our insider at the control, and assembly plant facility inside Lockheed Martin.

The CEO responded and strictly informed China that they have no rights to do this. It is highly unacceptable to follow a direct order from them or orders from the other government because it will compromise company’s interest. “We can only follow orders from our own government, the United States of America. In fact, we cannot derail such agreement because it is a G to G policy or government to government arrangement.” CEO added.

F16 (1)
Lockheed Martin

Air Force chief Lt. Gen. Lauro Catalino Dela Cruz said: “We all knew that by all means, China wants to take and hold the entire South China Sea including the West Philippine Sea by coercion or with the use of force, so we are now preparing for any eventualities.”

F- 16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force (USAF). Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Over 4,500 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976. Although no longer being purchased by the U.S. Air Force, improved versions are still being built for export customers.  In 1993, General Dynamics sold its aircraft manufacturing business to the Lockheed Corporation, which in turn became part of Lockheed Martin after a 1995 merger with Martin Marietta.

By the next year 2016 Philippine air Force fighter pilots, that’s already trained in flying a Korean made FA-50 Golden Eagle fighter jet will be capable of flying this 4th generation F16-V fighter jets which are the latest version of its class.

According to Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, the Philippines are considering this type of fighter jet and they are now in a process to acquire 1 squadron multirole 12 units F-16V “Viper” Fighting Falcon fighter jets through the help and offer of the United States military soft loan assistance package. This will help guard their territory against any intrusion in the West Philippine Sea.


Recently, President Barrack Obama made a request to the Congress to prioritize the approval of Philippine security defense budget.

An approval of US Congress soft loan package is on its way, waiting for immediate signing and implementation.

The project acquisition of 1 squadron 12 units F16-V fighting Falcon Fighter Jets including parts, missiles, weapons, and training has a hefty price tag of around $386 million dollars.

Meanwhile, with the immediate passage of Senate bill 1657 amending Section 53 of Republic act 9184 the law allowing President Aquino to immediately negotiate and procure military assets directly through its friendly allies or to a government that has mutual security defense arrangement. Such military assets are Fighter Jets, Warship, Frigates and Destroyers (GTAM) Ground to air missile or (SAM) surface to air missiles, attack submarines, attack choppers, and combat tanks for the use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines minimum credible defense posture.



  1. Long live Philippines and USA! I am a red blooded American married to a full blooded Filipina. We sure make cute kids! Lol. If we can get just one of our nuclear supercarriers back in there like we had before we got kicked out, they will have one of the most potent airforces right in their back yard but this time, PH needs to foot (pay) the bills, not the US taxpayer, yes?

  2. Be clear, China’s military, including her navy is NOT a superpower. They only are to the smaller navy nations that surround her. She is a regional power that Japan for instance, with her century of naval warfare would put a wreaking on if not win. The term Superpower is so misused today. The term has meant and always will mean as it did for the old Soviet Union or the US, a global reaching military in airforce, navy, amphibious (marine) power and the like. China is not close to that. The uS can do that anywhere in the world in days. China does not even possess one nearly true aircraft carrier strike group. The USA has 10 nearing 11 with the new Gerald R. Ford supercarrier. Look it up. Incredible ship and it is complete. All of our nuclear supercarriers like the one sent after your super-typhoon in 2013, are able to operate non-stop, fuel wise for 20 years, just for starters. Just one carrier gave east Philippines some 1,000,000 liters of fresh drinking water a day. China has one old Russian carrier that is conventional with a “chance” of building a supercarrier and having it operational before their economy and civility at home collapse as it already is in a big way, thus their invasion of SCS while they begin to drown worrying about energy and the needs in feeding 1.3 billion people. USA has all the food she needs and energy in her boarder now. That’s a Superpower, though fraught with problems without question. The Philippines is going to be ok because becaseu as the USA decides to leave the world to themselves and isolate herself because she has all she needs, Philippines will be one of the few countries the USA will stay attached to. The most brilliant minds believe it to be true, so do I and hoep it to be as well. As far as their training being comparable to others, including the US, their is no comparison (vs USA) because China finds it very hard to patrol the SCS with fighter aircraft when they don’t even have a true seafaring platform on which to train and fly from to say nothing of joint command which they do not have and have no intention of having. Thats tough to deal with 1000 miles off their shore even with the islands because unlike the stupid comment about China making “an unsinkable aircraft carrier” with their island building, they made islands that cannot move at night, cannot move at all and are complete immovable targets very easy to destroy and the US excels at taking out the enemy before it can fire their touted missiles systems. China is not as mighty as she shows except for picking on little countries because she is “big”. “Superpower” is all inclusive, not just numbers and in that, they are a powerful respectable budding regional power. Having said that, they are a long way from a global reaching superpower of any real scale. Their own military will tell you that as they have time and again….recently. The US is the only world Superpower, with all her faults and will remain so for the forseeable future. Lets hope that while we pull back from being the world policeman, we do our best to do the right things, but not at our taxpayers costs but those that need her even after being kicked out or chased away by words.

    • I am alway greatful to United States for its humanitarian aid is alway appreciated. I AM FOREVER GREATFUL TO A COUNTRY THAT SHED BLOOD FOR Philippines. …My mother served the US Navy for 35 years and we will always love United States.

  3. No need to be a grammer-nazi. Lol. Its about negotiation, raw intellect and wisdom in action, not grammar and vocabulary that make the world go round. Bottom line is, with or without the eruption, the US navy was on its way out because those with the real power in Philippines would have their way when the lease terminated and her citizens couldn’t do a darn thing about it. The Philippines have to live with and accept accountability with what happens inside her boarders just as do other nations. Philippines will not war with China. Ain’t gonna happen. 😛 As a Filipino, just do whatever it takes to get your government to facilitate a US Supercarrier in your backyard again. This time though, they need to pay for having her there. Sound fair? US citizens don’t want their taxes spent to fight other countries battles anymore, right or wrong. I have great hope for Philippines through all this and I am certain that our very special relationship between the US and PH will remain where so many falter and end.

    • Thank you for clearing that for everyone. Its costing the Philippines now ,more money to have United States Military compared several decades ago when it was Unites States who is renting the land of Philippines. clearly our government realized it now especially the 12 senators who agreed not to renew the lease how much error they made that decision. As a US taxpayer I agree with a decision that any US military aid should be paid by the Philippines government. ..

  4. The middle east certainly was/is a terrible mess but be clear about IS. They were an inevitability having to do less with terrorism and more with Saudi oil. Who do you think funds them? The same government that gave birth to the terrorist on 9/11. Anybody that thinks that “war” or the “great satan” or “little satan” are to blame must look at what the peoples of the region have believed for centuries upon centuries. Gezz, the Persians (Iran) have been fighting constantly for about 1800 years before the USA was born and of the rest, see history. The land of Saud is is a very tough position today as is many in the middle east and around the world. While the world says the USA is in decline, she is becoming even more powerful because today, unlike even 10 years ago, the USA is completely food, energy, demographic, innovation, technology, fresh water, ect…self sufficient. The US does not NEED the middle east today nor does it need the SCS or the world at large. She has everything right at home on the North American continent. What she does in the future will be less about what the USA needs than it will be about what her best friends need that her citizens are willing to pay in their blood and treasure which ain’t gonna happen much anymore in the near future. Saudi Arabia already knows this and is scared to death, thus IS financed by you know who. Saudi shortly will not have the US military umbrella, nor will most of the world except for a select few like Philippines, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Thailand. Anyway, to say IS or any war in the middle east has occured due to “war”, you need to look at history, recent history. My gosh, what do you think Saddam Hussein and all the rest of the dictators did since the beginning of time. Middle east has been and will likely be perpetual war for many generations to come. Its about ideology….nothing else. One primary cause, hundreds of secondary. Blessings.

  5. OFWs like myself can reach out by chipping in any amount to help upgrade our AFP. Not to engage in war, but at least to be respected. For those to react negatively, let’s put aside first questioning on why the AFP has deteriorated this far to the point of almost being powerless.
    How vast are we out there? Not to mention those with foreign citizenship, whom I think are more than willing to take part.
    In addition to the 25% hike the government has allocated for the 2016 military budget (thanks to P-NOY), planned to continue for the following four years, just reckon how much money can be piled up to change the fate of our beloved country and the next generations to come. One OFW’s say $100 bank note will lead nowhere. But united?
    If pushed thru, the sum of money to be collected in 2 years time will financially support getting the experts’ recommendations for military advancement and production of the initially required military equipments to include improving and developing some military installations. In the process, with the continued support, modernization program is achievable within just 10 years time, and we need to act now!!!

  6. f-5 still in service?? i was in the navy 01 to 05 the only f5 i saw was on display.. the f-14 was decom in 2005 why would the f-5 still be in service?? get your facts right..

    • “Deactivated.” Meaning these planes are placed in storage, ready for use in case of emergency.

      Technically, they’re still in service.

    • Thanks for the heads-up, though. But Indonesia has theirs stored and ready for use just in case. Meaning they’re still operating them–though not in an active way.

  7. Astigggggg! Philippine sky is no longer open! A Philippine fighter jet will entercept anyone who will not communicate with the ATC tower!

  8. That’s because this creature (Mr. Ramos) was too busy with his cigar, playing golf and traveling to any part of the world. Too Bad!

  9. good the Chinese are shivering just by the news that RP is building formidable air force these chinks knew very well that Pinoy pilots are capable of enjoying this toy..

  10. Sa mga ka kurapan ng mga opisyales sa DND at AFP, forced to good tayo sa F-16 at mas kolonya na naman ng salot na amerikano. Sigurado ang kapalit nito mas maraming base militar ng imperyalistang u.s. sa bansa natin. Siguradong ipapahamak na naman tayo ng salot na amerikano sa gerra nila sa pesteng intsik.

    Kasalanan ng mga kolonisado ng amerikano at kurap na opisyales sa AFP at DND. Meron naman pwedeng makuha sa Sweden na Gripen A/B at sa France na Mirage2000. Pati sa Israel na Kfir Mod60. Walang nagawang masama pa ang mga bayan na ito sa bansa natin hindi tulad ng imperyalistang u.s. na pumatay na ng milyones na Filipino mula noong sinalakay ang bansa natin. Pwede ring government to government ang mga fighters na ito, at hindi nageembargo ng parts ang France

    Kung sa pera meron tayo. Itigil lang na ang K-12. Malakas na depensa na, Happy pa mga milyones na magulang at propesor

    Hindi natin ginegerra ang pesteng intsik. Dinedepensahan lang natin ang atin na ninakaw ng pesteng intsik. Linyahan lang natin ng mga missiles na gawa natin ang West Philippine Sea, matitigil na mga iyan.

  11. “Obviously even Mount Pinatubo was communist and it devastated the Central Luzon in 1992” — LOL… you make my day Leo..

  12. This move by the military is what i am waiting for. Gogogo Philippines. Gone were the years where our military forces has no teeth.

  13. Hindi natin kailangang bumili pa sa US ng mga figther jets dahil marami yan sa Capiz kahit ilang squadron pa ay marami doon. Yon nga lang… gabi lang sila puwede.

  14. If Duterte becomes presidentmy advice acquire 5 squadrons of F 16 V(60 units),3 squadrons of JAS 39 Gripen( 36) and 2 Squadrons of Rafael mirage 2000(24 units)

  15. Sir, ni-Retire na po F5’s ng PAF kasi nung pumutok Pinatubo malaki ang nagawang damage ng ash fall ng Pinatubo sa mga makina ng F5’s ng PAF at hindi na raw pwede i-Repair at mabilihan ng parts….ang HINDI acceptable sa ginawa ng gobyerno noon eh HINDI na bumili ng pamalit na fighter jets and instead NINAKAW na lang nila ang BUDGET para sa bagong Jets……nawalan tuloy ng ngipin sa Himpapawid ang Hukbong Panghimpapawid ng Pilipinas……tsk…tsk…tsk……

  16. Sir, nung panahon ni Marcos isa sa pinaka-MALAKAS ang AFP sa buong ASIA…..bukod sa F5’s may mga ibang variants ng aircraft ang PAF bukod pa sa inumpisahan na ni Marcos ang Projects sa paggawa ng Philippine made Aircrafts, combat tanks, combat helicopters at Naval warships……may nagawa na sanang Prototype combat Helicopter at Airplane at Missile ang Pinas noon at itinayo na rin ni Marcos ang Bataan Shipyard Corp. para gumawa ng Naval Warships para sa Pinas noon kasabay ng pagtatayo ng Bataan Nuclear Power Plant na gagawa sana ng 1st ever Philippine made Missile Defense Systems at Nuclear Bombs pero Sad to Say nung pinalitan si Marcos lahat ng mga Projects na yun ipinatigil at ipinasara na PERMANENTLY ng sumunod na administrasyon at lahat ng BUDGET para sa mga Projects na ‘yun eh na-DIVERT na lang at NAWALAng parang Bula……yung BASECO pinasok ng mga Squatters doon na tumira hanggang ngayon at yun Bataan Nuclear Power Plant na declared Operational na noon eh ipinasara at pina-AALIKABUKAN na lang hanggang ngayon doon sa Bataan (nasayang yun Billion-Dollars na ginamit para doon)……..kawawang PILIPINAS…….

  17. Dont under estimate F16, this plane is why Israel still exist, until up to now ginagamit pa rin to. dapat ma configure yan ng ISRAEL,

  18. Sana yung DAP at PDAF ni panot ilaan na lng d2, kaso pati MILF na terorista na pumatay ng mga magigiting nating mga saf 44 inuuna pa nyang bigyan ng 75B. palibhasa uto-uto yang presidenteng tungaw natin ngayon. kawawa ang pinas

  19. Maybe the army but the scout Rangers are the exception and the marines are mostly very professional. Rangers are feared by the insurgency groups i.e. NPA’s and Marines are feared by the Muslim rebels.
    There is always two sides of the coin in the civilian deaths. The Muslim rebels takes the fight in their own backyard and any collateral damage they cry foul. I know very well for my families live in Basilan and Sulu.

  20. I am a good strategy games player, para sakin kung pag babasihan ko ang games hindi dapat inuna ang pag bili ng war planes dapat defense ang inuuna, bakit anung gagawin mo sa planes mo kung ang depensa ng kalaban malakas para kang nag sasayang lang nito hindi kapa makaabot sa base nang kalaban ubus na. Pero pag defense ang inuna mo hayaan mo silang laging umattack hanggang sa huli maka build-up kana ng maraming pang attack dyan kapa umataack. sa tingin ko walang alam yan mga general na yan sa strategy games.

  21. Ditto Akko napabilib sana di Lang salita mangyari sana para di tayo kawawain ng chinese at ibang kalapit bansa natin

  22. Mgandang developments ang mga ito dahil kapag nkumpleto ay babalik ang dangal ng ating mga tagaligtas sa knilang sarili dahil kaya n nila tayo ipagtanggol sa mga mananakop. Kundi lang nglobby ang China sa mga nakaraang administrasyon n pinaniwala tayong wala ng giyera e tuluyan na tayong nilamon ng China.

  23. Hmmmmmmmmm…. Tandaan mo bago naka gawa ang Skorean ng mga local JETS, binayaran nila ang lockhead martin ng $7Bilyon for transfer of technology. Kaya din natin cguro hndi pa ngayon.. Additional inventory muna, para magamit sa mga leftist. HUmwag muna isipang CHina anyan naman ang US…

  24. When you look at things in a logical way, PNoy signed this loan package just in time for his exit. The next government will shoulder all the debt and ammortizations while the credit will be with PNoy. Even with the latest program phase of AFP modernization, it is all under a loan program. The next administration will shoulder a huge loan and debts while most of the national budget under PNoys administration has gone somewhere else. That’s the reality.

  25. Common guys, look at the bright side.. kahit na utang pa yan, atleast sa tama at dapat napupunta, hndi ung kung saanx2. just check out the pictures, isn’t she a beauty? meron na taung 12 FA-50s from SK tapos sana may parating pa 12 F16-V’s from US. atleast we have something kesa wala. past is past, lets move on and appreciate what we have. wag sana yung puro nega vibes. kaya hirap tau umasenso eh, di pa nga tayo nakakarating sa paroroonan, surrender na agad and heads down. =)

  26. Mga bobo kaya binili yan ngaun dahil malapit na election..para sabihin d2 napunta pera ng bayan..bakit kelangan pa bumili ng ganyang kamahal e wala namang magagawa yan kontra sa china

  27. Kung tama yung pinagsasabi mo eh di dabat nabayaran na yan ni Panot. after 30 yrs na nawala mga Marcos magkano na ba utang natin? 250 Billiones dolares samantalang kay Macoy noon 28 Billion lang.

    • Typical rationale by a loyalist hoping stupid people would take the comparison 1 to 1. Only a loyalist idiot like yourself would try this logic.

      Not even the best creative writer out there can undo the historical facts about Marcos atrocities against the Filipinos and his plunder of the nation’s natural resources and coffers during his regime.

      Out of the 28$ billion that Marcos took, he pocketed at least 8$ billion, and it is projected that the people has to pay for this until year 2025.

      It is not Aquino that has to pay for this, it is the people who never saw any improvement of the standard of living during Marcos 21 years of rule, Moron!

      • Aysus nagsalita ang marunong daw! Sa daming kaso na na file ng mga Yelow tards ni isa walang napatunayan. Mismo courts sa amerika walang napatunayan. Relax lang gumising ka sa katotohanan. Mga kabataan ngayon marunong na di nagpapa uto kagaya mo.

  28. Sana ay suportahan nating ang daang matuwid para hindi madiskaril ang pag modernized ng ating Arm Forces na sya pong kailangan ng ating bansa para hindi tayo laging binubully ng China. Iboto po natin si Mar Roxas at wag ang mga kandidatong pro China at anti US.

  29. Priority kasi ni Liit ay ang KKK, kanya kanyang kurakot para manatili lang sa pwesto, kaya ang mga euro generals nuon ang lalakas ng loob na magnakaw, dahil tinotolerate ni liit.

  30. Kapag may supply na tayong OIL na a iimport, at kung ang OIL plant na un ay gobyerno ang may ari, at indi civilian or ibang bansa, at ung isa pa na napaka importante, kapag walang corrupt

  31. In such tension filled scenario at the West Philippine sea caused by China’s bullying tactics … the only other choice for the government is to strengthen its naval and air forces to at least let the other party knew that we are not agreeable to what they had been doing and we are preparing to protect our interest. PNoy’s move in this aspect is correct & patriotic.

  32. Duterte’s stand to have a bilateral agreement with China ( … probably as a friendly gesture when you knew that the other is more powerful than you are) is absolutely wrong!!! The decision made by Hague has made this crystal clear … that Spratley plus some other islands do not belong to China and never will be. If PNoy (together with the DFA) did not took this strong stand aggressively … we will never reach this shining stage where we are favored by UNCLOS and up till now … situation will be in a stalemate … and China will keep on its business of secretly usurping lands that do not belong to them. The stand of Duterte here is wrong which showed his cowardice in face of conflict.

  33. Ito ang isa kong pinagpapasalamat sa Aquino Administration na kahit papaano nagkaroon ng force ang ating airforce at hindi kung saan saan napunta ang pera ng Pilipinas. At di lang airforce, pati na navy natin, kahit paano may laban tayo in case talagang kailangan. Di tayo mukhang kawawa. Nagdaan ang arroyo, estrada at ramos administrations, ang puwersa natin ay di nakatikim ng ganitong mga equipments at military hardware.

  34. This is a very good decision made by our government because we badly needed this type of multirole fighter. F-16V is the latest version / model which can be considered a 4.5th generation fighter due to the latest upgrades like the use of AESA radar (Scalable Agile Beam Radar) and stealth detection capability to engage enemy stealth aircraft. The use of SNIPER targeting pod, Infrared Search & Track, and ECM jamming pods made this fighter all weather (day & night), multirole capability. Hoping Pres. Duterte will push through the acquisition of this project for our Air Force.

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