Former Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson yesterday confirmed he is on the go to run for president in the May, 2016 elections.

In a radio interview, the former lawmaker said that he would join the presidential race in next year’s election having gained the support of retired military and police officers who had pledged to help him in this effort.

This time, Lacson said he is being convinced by retired officers of the defunct Philippine Constabulary and PC-Integrated National Police, the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who recently issued a manifesto urging him and Senator Grace Poe to forge a political alliance and run in 2016.

The group said the country needs today “the strong-willed, disciplined and decisive service reputation of…Lacson, and the untarnished and compassionate brand of leadership of…Poe.”

In an earlier interview, Lacson admitted he is considering the possibility of a “Ping-Poe” tandem in next year’s poll, with Poe as his vice presidential candidate.

But if Poe decides to run for president, he could slide down and run for vice president, or seek another term as a senator.

Lacson said he was invited Thursday night by the retired officers who vowed to help him in his presidential bid.

He also said he can run as an independent backed by retired military and police officers.

He also stated his views on several issues that the country is currently facing. On the issue of West Philippine Sea to China, a peace talks in Mindanao, he said sub-regions should be established to cater different needs of tribes like Tausug, Maranao and the Maguindanao. He added that Bangsamoro Basic Law has flaws and should be looked into prior to approval.

Lacson also said death penalty, once protected the Filipino people against crimes, should be restored.



  1. Maglalaban laban ang isang pusakal na kriminal, isang pusakal na magnanakaw at isang pusakal na EPAL

  2. Sen Lacson pls don’t slide to vp. We need you as president. If you want Poe as vp to win though i like BBM for vp better it’s fine just win as president phil is in need of urgent life vest or drown.

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