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By Office of the Director of National Intelligence. via Wikipedia

A retired United States Navy Admiral and a former Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, says Chinese forces in the Spratlys are too far away for China to reinforce during a conflict. Which means they can easily wipe them out.

“The Spratlys are 900 miles away from China, for God’s sake. Those things have no ability to defend themselves in any sort of military sense.” He said.

“If the Chinese were ever so foolish as to try to take any sort of actual military action from those islands, they’re completely indefensible militarily. Heck, the Philippines and the Vietnamese could put them out of action, much less us,” Blair added.




  1. You are the idiot! keep your opinion to your self if you don’t know what your are talking about.

    If a firefight starts, you fools are thinking that China face US-Japan alone? you people are pathetic and stupid!

    Thinking that i’am a pro-Chinx proves nothing but your stupidity.

    • Who will be that IMAGINARY ALLY that you are talking about? North Korea? Who cannot even feed its people. Pakistan? Which being PAID by China for LOYALTY. I doubt RUSSIA. Russia is secretly annoyed of China, with dozens of technology being stolen from them. And the way Chinese is doing business with RUSSIA they cannot be trusted.

  2. Stop dreaming pards. if war starts between PH and China, US congress have to vote first before thay can send help to PH. And if US-Japan alliance will get involve, Russia will join the circus.

    Logistically, China have all the advantages, Strategically they have as well. that is why they are improving and advancing their A2/AD strategy. For now, China will just do a “sabre rattling” with US but once those Islands becomes 100% Operational, it will be a game changer.

    My God! why am i’ debating with kids regarding war strategy?

    • @concepab:disqus how can you be impressed with China’s STOLEN technology from missiles to rockets etc etc … China is dreaming … China is a BULLY period … all these are political to hoodwink the Chinese people to continue fooling them …

      • Stolen or not technology is technology. And that is not the case here, it is not about stolen tech. We are talking about capacity in terms of military, logistic, financial and all.. most of all global strategy. Basahin nyo mabuti ang comment ko bago kayo magdadaldal ng walang katuturan.

        • @concepab:disqus Dimwit how could good technology be equated with bad technology? STFU if you have half your brain cells working, China wouldn’t dare go to war, a proxy war it would be if ever. China is a bully, trying to flex it’s muscles, more posturing than anything to test the world how far it allows China. China can obliterate small and corrupt countries like the Philippines for sure. But dude, will the world allow China? Remember the area is a vital trade route by sea and air, a vital world economy factor. The USA, Japan and other first world nations simply wouldn’t allow it to happen, not for the love of small corrupt countries like the Philippines, but for their OWN ECONOMIC INTERESTS. Period … case closed …. STFU you decerebrate brain fart !!!

          • Really, you are an asshole. You have no idea what is going on. Read and UNDERSTAND my first comment then you’ll understand that there is no 100% assurance that your beloved US will aid us when the shooting started. Puro kayo katangahan.

    • Oh! FEELING GENIUS! ha ha ha! Remember WW2? America was also miles away from Europe? Germany had all the ADVANTAGES. What happened to Germany? Remember your HISTORY. You can LEARN from it.

      • hehehe history is a history and yes we can learn from it… unfortunately, you didn’t learn anything from your history class. So tell me; Paano natalo ang Germany noong WW2? ano event ang naging turning point?

  3. @concepab” You are thinking nega and something that you can’t see and you don’t believed on it, all i can say, it is possible and i believed on that,, you know about one thing not the other thing, and that is your BiG mistake.

    • And you are dreaming.. How you will defeat an enemy with 3 million personnel with modern weapons, equipment and war machines? Even US is saying that once those Islands becomes 100% militarily operational. If there will be war, their Navies and Air Force will not able to penetrate SCS without having big damage to their forces.

      Now since you are saying it is possible. How you will cut China’s supply line in those Island? If you can give a realistic answer, then we can debate about this subject.

      I admire your patriotism and I ‘am a patriotic person too but i don’t day dream. In a war, all goals, all strategies should be realistic and achievable… otherwise many people will die.

      This is not a Red Alert games, bro.

      • In case of war, the cooperation of US and its allies will see to it that the Chinese in those fake islands will not be resupplied…its that simple

        • And do you really believes that China will face the Allies alone and the war will be isolated into those islands? We should not narrow our sights, once those island got pined down, missiles from China will fly… and do you have any idea where would be the target?

          Also do not think that taking those island is easy as 1, 2, 3 even with the help of the US (if they will help) logistically, China got the advantages. We need to consider the fact that China has the largest number of missiles in the region, and missiles, not airplanes, will determine who dominates the airspace over the disputed islands. its naval fleet is also the dominating force in the SCS. The US although they got bigger fleet, their naval assets are scattered around the globe and are also engaged in some conflicts. So how do think PH and US will counter the more than 5 dozens of Chinese subs and almost a hundred of destroyers, frigates and corvettes?

          • So do you expect that these major missiles of china, especially the nuclear capable, will leave china’s aerospace? Before these missiles can leave china’s aerospace they are already blown out of the sky, because the Americans had already mapped them out in case they’ve been launched they have an equivalent missile for them. Don’t get too excited about Chinese capabilities your RED COLOR is obviously showing. You don’t show too much of your capability. In the art of war if you’re WEAK you should project yourself to be STRONG. And I think that is how CHINA is doing right now. All BARK NO BITE. If you think CHINA is that STRONG why can’t it invade the SENKAKU ISLANDS like it did in FIERY REEF?

          • Mahilig ka mag-laro read alert, ano?

            Do you think magpapaka-wala ng paisa-isang nuke missile ang China targeting US?At sino din ang ay may sabi sa iyo na ABM ng US ang i-intercept ang missile sa Chinese aerospace? hahaha Nakaka-tawa ka brod na nakaka-awa.

            Kung sakaling humantong sa ganon ang situation, doze-doze nuclear missile (with multiple warheads, dummy and real) ang lilipat on the same time, at sa oras din na may isang nuke missile ang lumipat from China patungong US, asahan mo na magsisiliparan din ang mga muke missile ng US, UK, France, Israel and Russia. and Congratulations to the mankind, we just destroyed our only planet.

            Me, a RED? hahaha lalo kang nakaka-tawa!

            Just a piece of advice bro, just stop it. ipinapahiya mo alng lalo ang sarili.

            Atpara maka-idea ka ng kaunti sa possible scenario kung mag-uupakan ang China at Japan, basahin mo yung link sa ibaba.


          • dont be stupid, this is a regional war if ever so it is going to be mostly conventional, the possibility of it going nuclear is almost non existent. anyway the U.S will have air supremacy with raptors, carrier based advanced super hornets can fire anti ship missiles at standoff range, anti submarine capabilities of the japanese fleet are top notch. if anything, only icbms will have enough range to reach our major cities and i doubt china will resort to that . Also, there’s no need to starve chinese detachments, just send enough cruise missiles their way and they will eventually go down. they are within range so close to philippine shores

          • How can you be so sure that it will be a conventional?

            Raptor will dominate SCS skies? really? perhaps when it comes to technology i must agree. but you also need to consider the numbers. once the Raptor fires its missile he is no longer stealth. 5:1 ratio in a dog fight is not favorable for the US. Also, the US will have to position its carrier outside SCS, which is favorable for China.

          • Akala ko na typo kalang e. Ako natatawa sa yo. READ ALERT ka ng READ ALERT e “RED ALERT” YUN! Hindi ba ikaw ang nakakatawa
            SIMPLENG BAGAY mali ka pa? E yung sinsabi mong “ISTORYA” ay GAWA GAWA lang “HYPOTHETICAL” lang. Sabihin mo mga “EXPERT” yung gumawa nun! Hanggat hindi nangyayari sa totoong buhay HINDI mo masasabing ganun ang mangyayari maraming GYERA ang na inanalyse “HYPOTHETICALLY” pero HINDI naman nagkatotoo iba ang nangyari.

          • Ay sorry ha po. don’t worry computer na ang gamit ko at hindi tablet kaya “RED ALERT” na ngayon. heheh.

        • Look at geography! China is surounded by Vietnam, Indonesia at the south, Philippines, Taiwan, their natural enemy, Japan and South Korea. The big punch will be from the US coming from any of these countries surrounding China.

          • China is going to build a high speed railway in Indonesia for free… the train line will pay for itself. The loan was not a sovereign guarantee. their relations are way too good for war.

            South Korea will have to deal with North Korea first. A China ally.

            Taiwan can easily be neutralized with almost 1000 missiles China deployed accross the straits.

            Philippines and Vietnam combined is not even capable of destroying China’s South sea fleet.

            Of all the countries you mentioned above. Only Japan is the force really China will have difficulties.

          • You got it right. In fact sa latest war simulation, without US help, China can destroy 10% of Japan’s and inflict massive damaged on Japans major facilities with in 72hrs of full military operation (that includes Navy, Air Force, cyber attack and missile strikes).

            I admire the patriotism of these young people. but bravery is not enough to win a war. at sa digmaan ang katapangan ay nagiging katangahan kung walang tamang planning at strategy.

      • Ha ha ha! You are the one dreaming @concepab:disqus the war today is not about numbers in personnel. It’s about technological advantage. Compare the technology of European Allies, U.S., Japan, S. Korea and Australia against CHINA, N. Korea and your so called CHINA’s IMAGINARY ally. Who would you think will win? DREAM on!

  4. How about Chinese missile raining over Philippine and Vietnamese major cities. The admiral should read more of the art of war.

    • @Mario_Garcia:disqus that is why there are missiles in japan and south korea to prevent the missiles of china to penetrate Philippine and Vietnamese territories. FYI the Americans have already mapped out all the strategic missiles of china for easy target. And what about EDCA by now the americans are now planning to deploy SAM’s in the military bases they will pick here in our country. You should read more!

      • All of these bases are just to shield America from China’s missiles, the effect is, that China should wipe out all of these countries with US bases before it can reach the US mainland. Thus, we are only pawns in the power struggle game of the two Giants. The Philippines would face the holocaust first before America.

        • Even if we don’t have america on our shores. We will get it. So i’d rather have america on our shores than to have no defense at all.

      • And those would be enough to stop the thousands of Chinese missiles? Artilleries and rockets from NoKor would be raining down to SoKor inflicting major damage to vital military installation in SoKor. half-million North Korean soldiers would be storming south. and If China will launch its missile from the southern part to target Philippines, your missiles from japan is useless… unless it can travel in a light-speed.

        So who among you wants to answer my previous question. If you guys will just simple post your “Read Alert” strategy and cannot offer a REALISTIC plan, i suggest we end this conversation… nakaka-walang gana makipag-talo sa mga utak bata e.

        Neither China nor US want war, well at least not in the near future. China’a military is not yet ready to face the full force of US military and for the US side, Uncle Sam cannot afford pulling out their forces from the Middle East and from other region to fully counter Chine in the SCS and the Pacific. and While US is busy POLICING the world, China is building up its military and sharpening its strategy. At the same time, we can expect that the Chinese will continue its reclamation activities and no way can stop them. That’s the fact, face it.

        • Ha ha ha! Ikaw ang parang bata e! You are living in a dreamland where your hero(CHINA) is INVINCIBLE! Masyado kang bilib sa intsik e. Wala pa namang napapatunayan yang INTSIK. JAPAN nga lang nangangatog na yang mga INTSIK. AMERIKANO pa kaya!

          • Still you didn’t answer my question…

            Kung magkaka-gera ang China at ang Japan, China can obliterate JMSDF with no sweat.

          • Oh really? Masyado ka talagang bilib dun sa nabasa mong article sa FP! E “MAKE BELIEVE” lang naman yun. E bakit ayaw pang i-invade ng CHINA ang SENKAKU? If you think na it’s that EASY to DEFEAT Japan. Yung thousands of missiles na sinasabi mo sa tngin mo hindi pa pinagaaralan ng JAPAN kung papaano ika-counter yun? Basahin mo yung news ngayon. Pinag aaralan na ng JAPAN kung papaano ikacounter yung missile ng NOKOR yung sa China pa kaya?

          • hehehe.. ‘coz the source of that report is a consultant of Pentagon…and not from a kid who day dream and Red Alert fanatic.

            Ang tanong mo na “bakit ayaw pang i-invade ng China and Senkaku proves that you know nothing.” Bakit nga ba nakikipatgalo ako sa iyo? hahaha

          • E kasi WALA ka ring alam! Ha ha ha! Kung gusto nilang i-invade yan hindi na nila yayain ang JAPAN sa THE HAGUE para ipa-arbiter ang SENKAKU. Palagay ko WALA ka ding alam e. Kasi ISA lang ang TEMA ng sagot mo PURO nabasa mo sa FP. Pa HENYO EFFECT ka lang. ha ha ha!

  5. 3 Days? Bro, stop dreaming and be realistic. This is not a Clash of Clans. US alone will have hard time if they will face China. and If Japan and Australia will join the party, expect Russia will jump in.

    US until now does not have a 100% workable strategy to counter the increasing A2/AD capabilities of China, how you will tell us that those Islands can be captured in 3 days? And assuming that an Island was captured. you can expect the missiles from mainland china will fly to vaporize the occupying troops.

    Your knowledge about subs is pathetic. Los Angeles and Virginia Class subs are blue-water subs and most of China’s subs are littoral-subs. I think you who got the upper-hand if there will be a war around those Islands.

  6. The chinese is already building missiles in the spratleys so they don’t need to come there. It is just a one push button away!

  7. Second emotion? you can even call for the third, fourth, firth, sixth to the tenth EMOTION of yours… but again.. stop dreaming that Philippines can take back those islands. Ni hindi nga natin nabawi ang Sabah sa Malaysia, from China pa kaya?

      • No, I’m just telling those dreamers it is time for them to wake-up.

        Also, It is time for us to revisit our foreign relation and policy. Masyado tayong dumepende sa US at patuloy na dumepende. Atfer Uncle Sam left, ano nga ba ang significant upgrades na nang-yari sa ating Armed Forces? Almost nothing, di ba? Philippines should expand its reach, economy and military.

        ‘am I a pro-China? they should think again.. Maka-bayan din ako, pero dun ako sa makatotohanan at achievable.

  8. The Chinese built those islands to strengthen their sovereignty claims, not to launch an Attack on Philippines or Vietnam.
    If they actually plan an assault it will be from their ships, submarines and aircraft carriers.

  9. Yup cut off the food and the BEAST DIES !!!! No need to make this into a war that will escalate into WW3…

  10. torpedo will wipe them and they go back in sand where they from..if that happen china will become slave become dead people remember china how Filipinos blood of war we never been undisputed of any war until now we were in the free country if Filipino people unite no ones touch unless we destroy your…

  11. tae ka pala concepab,.mga tulad mu na sinisisi ang gov at binoboast ang china.instead work something else,tanga kaba.,tulungan mu nalang kami para magka silbi ka malapit na matapos GUNDAM namin.bwahahaha,atake namin tu sa mainland supot.bwahahaha

    • Gago! tagalog na nga ang mga sinasabi ko hindi mo pa din maintidihan? hahaha anong sinisisi pinagsasabi mo? What i was saying is; there are other options to resolve the SCS issues that will provide benefit for our country. Gago! Ang KATAPANGAN kung wala sa lugar nagiging KABOBOHAN!

  12. Never trust Yankees but look at what they did in South Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… Yankee politicians only love money & power for themselves and they only serve their capitalists.

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