The face of perfection!
The face of perfection!

After netizen can’t get over about MayPac bout result. This face is now trending in social media and even in the news.

This is Prasertsri Kosin, AKA- Koko Narak in facebook and a Thai employee working in the Philippines who just insulted the Filipino using social media.

Netizens think that this guy is somehow in danger because of what he did.

Here are some of the screenshots of his thought. What he calls a “friendly reminder“.







He is now facing deportation proceedings and now “quarantined” at the Camp Bagong Diwa Immigration detention facility. He had already fired from his work at the Cognizant Philippines in Taguig City.

Immigration records showed that he is working under a special non-immigrant visa based on Section 47(a)(2) of the Philippine Immigration Act.

After his deportation, he will be included in the BI’s blacklist, barring re-entry into the country.


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