MANILA — A Philippine lawmaker believes the Pentagon’s decision to send its biggest aircraft carrier to Japan is a show of force to China that the United States is committed to defend its allies when the situation calls for the worst.

ashley accedillo

Magdalo party-list Rep. Francis Ashley Acedillo said, The move is meant to bring a clear and strong message to China that America will not abandon its allies in the Asia-Pacific.

“That’s an awesome display of military power. When they send an aircraft carrier, that’s not a single vessel. That’s accompanied by a complement of destroyers, minesweepers, and other ships and aircraft,” he said in Filipino in a radio DZMM interview.

“They are trying to make a case publicly that they intend to pivot to Asia Pacific, they transfer 60% of their forces from the previous 40%. They will no longer take China’s threats on their air or sea craft. I think that’s the implication of sending the aircraft carrier.

Dahil sa provocative actions ng China, reclamation activities nila, pagcha-challenge nila sa area na waters ito nagtulak sa us na panindigan na yung mga dating binitawang salita as early as 2012 na ngayo’y nagkakatotoo na,” he said.

uss ronald reagan 2
uss ronald reagan2

Acedillo added that the United States is known to make a public case about its actions the way it did before launching the Iraq War.

Acedillo is an Air Force pilot who served as senior consultant of the National Security Council from 2010 to 2013, said America is finally walking its talk.

by: Carl Estrella


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