Tokyo, Japan — A plan to sell and transfer two of Japan’s naval guided missile destroyer as a military soft loan assistance package to the Philippines is now being studied by Japan’s Defense Ministry. The move is to boost country’s defense capability in West Philippine Sea as China’s aggressive and bullying behavior continues. Defense Department officials said.

“The sell and transfer of Japanese defense equipment is brought about by Japan’s new defense policy and the possible approval of Philippine Japan visiting forces agreement , similar to United States visiting forces agreement (VFA).”  Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said.

“Indeed the matter of sharing defense equipment and technology with other countries was something unthinkable for Japan previously. But recently, the Japanese have become more open to such possibility, something which dovetails quite well with our thrust to have access to equipment and technology available in our neighbors,” Secretary Voltaire Gazmin added.

Military Defense analyst for AFP modernization assumes there’s a possibility that it may be the “Hatakaze-class” guided missile destroyer which was commissioned year 1984 and the older 1959 cold war era, the Akizuki-class destroyer.”

The Hatakaze-class guided missile destroyer

hatakaze destroyer
Hatakaze-class guided missile destroyer

This  Hatakaze-class guided missile destroyer is a third generation vessel in service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). Commissioned last 1984.  Hatakaze design allows for it to function as a command ship. They were the first of the JMSDF’s ships to have gas-turbine propulsion.

The core weapon suite is similar to that of the Tachikaze-class destroyer, but various improvements were made in many areas. Most notable are those that allow the Hatakaze class to function as a group flagship.

Hatakaze destroyers operate the OYQ-4-1 type tactical control system. Its weapon systems include the Standard missile surface-to-air missile, anti-submarine rockets, the RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missile, two Mark 15 20 mm CIWS gun mounts, two torpedo mounts in a triple tube configuration and two 5 inch/54 caliber Mark 42 rapid-fire guns.

Watch the Hatakaze -class destroyer in action.

Akizuki-class destroyer. 

Akizuki-class destroyer
Akizuki-class destroyer

The Akizuki-class destroyer was a cold war era ship built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) in the late 1950s. This class was planned to be a flotilla leader with the enhanced command and control capability, so sometimes this class was classified as the “DDC” (commanding destroyer).

This class was equipped with both gunnery weapons, an anti-submarine weapons torpedo/mine. Equipped also with a Mk.108 Weapon Alpha, and a rocket launcher Type 71 375mm quadruple ASW rocket launcher,(Japanese version of the Swedish M/50.) – Carl E.



  1. H Sh batman thats a potent deterrent quick reload surface to air…and whoa nillie whats that multiple canisters…now thats an upgrade! Hnn even some quick defensive systems..the 768 Billion USD of new modern cutting edge military hardware could have been better spent elsewhere. TOOO MUCH TECNOLGY IN ONE SPOT>>>>

  2. parang kureyente ata ang article na ito..cold war era ship daw ang akizuki class, eh 2010 lang ang launching niyan at 2012 lang nacomissioned ang lead ship nito..

    • There was a previous Akizuki (DD-161) which was commissioned in 1960 and was a Cold War era destroyer. The new Akizuki (DD-115) that you mentioned is a totally different class. I believe the newer Akizuki is the third vessel to carry that name.

        • That’s right. The Super Akizuki during WWII. But like you said, they were never made, and I’m only talking about completed ships that were/are actually called Akizuki. None of the projected Super Akizukis would have carried the name.

  3. It’s already been offered and considered by Japan. The Philippines just need to communicate with them more often to make the deal process. Japan offered it’s navy destroyer ships before, more advance than the mentioned ship class.

  4. The Classes of these ships just makes it confusing, cant they just say its a Guided Missile Class Destroyer or Gunnery Class. Calling it names doesnt actually give more info about it, not to mention every country would call its class whatever they want. Class name + Vessel name, so vague and confusing.

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