In the midst of continuous pressures over Beijing’s development of man-made islands in the West Philippine Sea, Admiral Scott Swift, the new leader of the U.S. Pacific armada has consoled and guaranteed allies that Washington is ready to react militarily.

Admiral Scott Swift

Asked what number of assets the U.S. military is prepared to give toward the West Philippine Sea, Swift maintained a strategic distance from to give a definite number.

“What I can assure is that we are prepared and ready to react to any possibility that the president may recommend would be necessary,” Swift told columnists in Manila on Friday, as per the Associated Press.

“On the off chance that we had the whole United States Navy here in the region, I think individuals would at present be asking, ‘Would you be able to bring more?” Swift clarified .

“Quick focused on that any number of the upcoming 52 sophisticated cutting edge battle ships could be positioned toward the West Philippine Sea, proposing that the Pentagon sees China as a more risky, aggressive and poses a bigger threat than the “ISIS” Islamic State terrorist.” Swift added.

By: Jason E.


  1. I understand your concern my friend. But i guess, we are a bit exaggerated. Filipinos are well known worldwide as peace loving people – the world admired us for ending the martial law regime without a drop of blood spent – which is unimaginable to other countries.

    But this should not be interpreted as weakness by our giant neighbor. We also have history for being galant in facing our enemies – our forefathers fought hardly against our invaders.

    Do you think, we should give up our hard earned territories without a fight just because of fear they’ll nuke us?

    The Soviet Union with equal arsenal like that of the United States during the cold war didn’t even dare to make a threat because of what they call – nuclear detterence.

    Besides, i am sure, what the chinese government is only bluffing. See what the Vietnamese did when the Chinese parked that oil rig near Vietnam? We should do that too

  2. Do you think the Chinese are mad enough to use weapons of mass destruction? What is the sense of using one if their purpose (reclaimed islands) will perish too.

    We have a mutual defense treaty with the US. That is the reason why the chinese don’t even dare to attack our rusty ship on ayungin shoal. Remember, the US has more nuclear weapons than China. The Chinese doesn’t even know if 24 of it is already park 12 miles away from their shore.

  3. yep u would rather be a slave to the Chinese….what happened with ” ang mamatay ng dahil sa yo…”””

  4. Yep The United States just wanted to let the Chinese bullies that U.S.A.Is not playing games ..They are serious on their resolve,…and they can back up their words with action..

  5. Agree with you friend now is the time that we can say we are a filipino and we are peace loving people and ready to die for our country.

  6. How about laser weapon and micro-wave have you heard of that weapon? only US perfected that weapon. now is the time to think my friend specially that china have no experience when it comes to war.

  7. we can not evade because we are at yard of Communist Country.. a wild and Greedy people..with thier dreams of having the most powerful in the world…that is why they need oil gas for there power…

  8. please stop your negative can not help you in will just ruin your mind.. you will migth be attact by your nervous by your stupidity….pray for our God He can make open your mind. there is no imposible to him…I believe you can carry the situation we had….

  9. Sorrin.. why are you thinking for that,
    that we might supper from the anoy of atomic bomb…think it from yourself. Is it posible to us?…we are nation that no need to supper for that because we are not dangerous country we donot have any hasardous equipment to make a big damage to our enemy. so what is the use of bombing us by that most expensive bomb? It can only use if the enemy think it is the only way to win a war…

    • Nestor, Read and understand what was said. No mention of Strategic or Tactical WMDs were mentioned, and it is doubtful they would come into play. Theater weapons in of them selves are more than adequate to do the job, the resulting destruction of facilities and military assets of the combatants in the area that is being contested. It is the destroyed remains of these weapons platforms & facilities that will be the source of contamination to the area, and the surrounding nations biospheres. No nation with nuclear capability will utilize the option for there use unless as a last resort of mutually assured destruction or MAD.

  10. Anderas you migth be wrong…You might be effected by the views of PROPAGANDISM of Comuunist China…better study more…

  11. Politics of democracy will always be messy, but the alternatives to politicians are much worse, it seems to me. US and Philippine ties are historically long and deep.

    Can anyone tell me, with the threat from China, do 21st century Filipinos regret the loss of US military bases on Philippine soil, e.g. Clark Field and Subic Bay? Any opinion polls on that subject? Thanks …

    • I concur, here is a novel thought, lets let the politicians fight, and the armed forces be used to referee. I’m quite sure that the peoples of all the nations in question would enjoy watching that as much as the boxing matches.

    • the threat is not china brother pyongyang we known that n.korea enrich with uranium major component of plutonium more than as we know

    • yeah?you’re excited? they are excited too… to bomb you nuclear bomb and to see how people die especially your love ones too…. pervert war freak!

  12. Whoever rules the pacific rules the world…!!!GOD forbids CHINA from doing more mess to avoid conflict in the oceans..SHALOM..

  13. Edwin, also this time please tell your Philippine Senators NOT vote us out of the Philippines again!

    I was stationed at Clark AB from Jan 1990 to June 1991 and it was my best US Military assignment and I was so sad to see the US Military being told to leave…

    I believe everyone makes mistakes and I respect the sovereignty of the Philippines as a democratic government but the Philippines also has to live with the choices they made!

    BTW, my Filipina Asawa and I will be retiring up in beautiful Baguio when I turn 62 in 12.5 years and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Filipino people…

    Ok, learn from the past and let us move on as allies and friends…

    • welcome back and yes I personally believe it was all politics that pushed you out of Clark that was stupid selfish politics.

      • Rolly,

        I know it was…and it cost the US Taxpayers billions and billions of dollars….now where are the 12 Senators that voted to push the US Military out?

  14. China is trying to test their weaponry if they can overcome the most powerful country the USA,because they start flying in the space,they try to aprehend US patrol plane in the Pacific ocean,,

  15. China declaring war is almost non existent. The moment China pulls the trigger means the bazillion foreign investors operating in china will ship out etc.

  16. you’re so negative , your mid name is more than enough to think that it’s your wish that may happen . I believe in false prophets & I hope you’re the worst one . We all die , not only Pilipinos but not your own way of killing . Try to think of another plan that will sound better by telling your comrade to abort in using any chemical weapon against us , while U S NAVY Admiral Scott SWIFT will do much QUICKER than what his last name stands for ( as a good coincidence ) representing the timely rescue .

  17. what if the war is start now what could be happen to all Filipino I think official first can ready to leaved In this country and also the rich people the 2nd priority.
    then what happen to poor people here waiting to catching bombs missile.
    where is the justice for the poor?

    • in the event of war the PILIPINO who will LEAVE the Country is A TRAITOR to our MOTHER LAND and ABSOLUTELY they are not WELCOME BACK to our COUNTRY.

    • If that is your thinking, sayang ang pangalan mo. Ulysses in the Greek mythology is a warrior and not a coward and a traitor.

  18. billon of dollar is at risk due to china u.s. economic relationship,,,,think everyone,all the product you see in the market even if its american brand is made in china,,,malakas ang loob ng china hindi lang dahil sa army nila kundi dahil hostage nila ang world economy,,,,,,,,think

  19. first they must claim taiwan first,,,,the renegade province,,,,wich they cannot accomplish due to international pressure,much more with the philippines

  20. That’s good! The U.S. have been with us since ww II. It’s just not good to speak ill of them as what some of us do.

  21. This crazy greed chinese people.. it is like an insects not human being..! they are not happy of their own land and resources, reason why they eat anything not normal food to human being.

  22. China has been smart and opportunistic, the Philippines has been stupidly, and dangerously dumb, with politicians who lack political will.
    Hopefully, losing Billions upon Bullions of dollars worth of assets to the Chinese, will make the common tao less eager to lap up the rhetoric of Bayan, Gabrrieĺa and the other Chila funded lobby groups. Hopefully, defending China and blasting the USA, will be negative for politicians, unlike the political trend of the past 30 years. Hopefully, kicking the US out, will be seen as a mistake, and I think acting on that alone, will stop Chinese agression.
    Hopefully, the US government will see that this is actually THEIR fault, because of the onerous provisions they insited on, that were played up by the Leftists. These provisions are primarily related to the policy of insisting on diplomatic immunity for all military personnel. That bigoted attitude has resulted in this mess, but unfortunately that bigotted attitude is unlikely to change. Such a pity and stupid decision from a country that should have more sense.

  23. I am confuse:
    1. the governnent is preparing for the BIG one, that cost millions during the drill everyday. If GOD punish the loving people of the philippines, a blink of an eye, we all perish…
    My question is : what are we preparing for– EARTH QUICK OR THE CHINA INVISION –which of this is the BIG ONE. Why we did not prepare this before hand..

  24. The Americans will surely be aggressive too, before china completely finish all its reclamation so obvious international security at stake and they’ll need to do something before sorry happen to all of us we knew chinese mentality as a back fighter!

  25. so paano na yan…. gira na ung mga politiko lumipad na sa ibang bansa para mag tago…. rock n roll to da filipino.

  26. Deal with China NOW before its really too late! Before they really get a BIG head! And its CORRECT that the US view China as a threat; and the aggressor and a destabilizer BULLY in the region. LETS GET IT ON – lets start to challenge China and if need be WAR.

  27. If this occurrences result into war and open doors of unity and prosperity among Filipino’s for the next generation, so be it, I would rather be happy fighting with my bolo againts the nuclear powered China, and die, than to have an endless and pointless natural catastrophic death of this nightmare of corruption, mismanagement, ill-treatment, selfishness and cruelty among Filipino Government officials.
    I hope and pray that these reproached serve as a weak-up call for all of us, to continue the legacy, patriotism, bravery and dream that cost the lives of our forebears, leaders and heroes and of every filipino that our beloved country “The PHILIPPINES(Pearl of the orient)”, is worth fighting for and worth dying for.
    Nakababahala at nakakalungkot lamang isipin na unti-unting kinakain ng bansang China ang ating lupain at kinakamkam naman sa loob ng mga tiwali at makasariling opisyalis ang yaman ng ating bansa.
    Patuloy nawa na MABUHAY ang ating bansang PILIPINAS at taas noong natatanaw na malayang yumagayway ang ating bandera saan mang sulok at lupa ng ating bansa o di kaya’y saan mang sulok ng mundo. Kaseyahan nawa tayo at sumaatin nawa ang Poong May Kapal sa lahat ng pangyayaring ito at sa mangyayari pa sa hinaharap.

  28. Ang taong hindi madaling magalit ay nakakaisip ng tama at akma sa bawat sitwasyon. Idaan muna natin sa pakikiusap dahil sa palagay ko ito ang tama. Kung totoo na ang US Navy ay handang tumulong sa atin hindi ito nangangahulugang wala din tayong utang na loob sa kanila. Dahil diyan sila po ay may hihingiing bagay na tayo po ay hindi rin makakatanggi sa kanila.

  29. If the PHL wants to be taken seriously it’s time to spend billions in order to protect our waters and improve infra on the islands it occupies. Instead the government is too busy playing the victim. United States will not defend the Philippines…. if you read the article carefully he said they are ready to follow whatever the President orders. lol This article highlights whats wrong with Philippine media today. They tend to write articles out of context……….

  30. Yap’ all you’ve in the FB ask all brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends who are in the Philippines to vote for Mar Roxas, for President in 2016 Elections…Huwag natin iboto si Binay at si Grace, sigurado sa isa sa kanila ibebenta tayo sa China? mga anti Japan, U.S and its Allies mga iyang….and Yes’ I’m all for it ready to fight China, if all by means? just to protect our country.

  31. We have created this problem and brought it up on ourselves. If the US still have the military bases in the Philippines this problem with China would never happen.

  32. xi jinping want WAR….filipinos are not afraid of WAR bear it in mind you crazy china´s president & bear it in mind you have nationals living in our country….

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