A week ago the US MegeBots Inc. wrapped up their titan, MegaBot Mark II, and quickly challenged another world-conquering, metal battle bot sort to a duel, the Japanese Kuratas.

This week the Japanese team accepted the challenge of MegeBots Inc. And Suidobashi replied with their own video and accepted the challenge.

“Absolutely” said by Japan’s Suidoboshi Heavy Industry’s Kogoro Kurata. He is the CEO, Founder and Creator of Suidobashi Heavy Industry. He is a bit surprised by the challenge but he still accepted it.

Despite the fact that he is unimpressed by Mk. II Mech, they still can’t lose to the Mk II Mech on the grounds that “Giant Robots are Japanese culture”.

The Kuratas, Suidobashi’s giant robot weighs 9,000 pounds and boasts twin Gatling guns and a “hyper-advanced targeting system.” Is it a match for the 12,000-pound Mark II, which is armed to the teeth and able to fire 3-pound paint cannonballs at speeds of 100 miles per hour.? That’s what MegaBots wants to find out!

Megabots Inc. created a video that showcased the abilities of Mk II Mech. Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti challenged Suidobashi’s Kuratas to a Giant Robot duel.

Suidobashi is prepared to crush MegeBots Inc. They have a year of planning. Be that as it may, the precise date and spot is yet to be declared.

Mk II Mech appeared on Maker Faire 2015 while Kuratas was released in 2012. Mk II Mech is a 15-foot tall robot and measures 6 tons. It proceeds onward tank-like tracks, can hold two “pilots” and flames goliath paintballs at rates up to 100mph. While Kuratas is a 12 foot tall robot and measures 9,000 pounds. It utilizes a goliath BB firearm rather than paintballs, has wheels rather than tracks and can hold a single pilot. Which robot will win?

By: Kevin N.