An elevator in Xingwen County, Sichuan, has made the news after going out of control and firing up the shaft with such speed that it smashed through the ceiling of the top floor and then dropped back down to the ground.

Luckily no one was on the elevator at the time it went wild. However, there have been previous claims of it acting erratically since its installation in October last year. On 24 July, a man reported that the elevator had trapped him inside after starting to shake and dropping suddenly. Then, on 30 July, one week after repairs had been made to the elevator, this incident occurred.

Recently there was a consecutive accidents on escalator that the social media even called it “Person eating escalator, “Leg cutting escalator” and “Escalator with cutting legs technology”. But now there’s a rocket elevator. What’s happening to China?

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  1. Sir naman. Nagtanong ka pa. Kailan ba naging durable and dependable ang mga items made in china? Pero, believe ako ngayon sa mga naimbento nila. Una, escalator with cutting legs technology, ngayon naman, Elevator rocket? Talo ang NASA, hahaha!

    Please naman mga sirs sa MRT, huwag tanggapin mga regalo nila na escalators at elevators.

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