PHILIPPINES – Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said on Friday that the Philippines needs China’s assistance to modernize the nation, He expressed his hope that Sino-Philippines relations will enhance sooner rather than later.

Former Philippines President and now Mayor of Manila Joseph E. Estrada

In an exclusive interview with Chinese media, including the state-run outfit Xinhua. Estrada said that “The Philippines needs China more than China needs the Philippines.”

He said the Philippines’s infrastructure construction framework lingered behind other Asian nations.

This is more genuine particularly in the transportation sector as the nation’s airport was once evaluated the most noticeably awful in Asia and its citizens suffer a lot from inconvenience caused by traffic jams, he added.

“It is necessary for the Philippines to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. I hope China will help us,” he said.

Xinhua additionally reported that Estrada, who paid a state visit to China 15 years prior as the president of the Philippines, will go to China’s V-Day festivities on September 3 in Beijing.

“Our relations will improve,” Estrada was quoted as saying. He stressed it is always beneficial to maintain the two countries’ long-time friendship. “I’m going to renew the sister city relationship with Beijing.”

In April a year ago, Estrada took a trip to Hong Kong to visit families of victims of the Manila hostage crisis in 2010 and offer pay and compensation for the messed up police rescue operation.

Hong Kong, an administrative region of China, then lifted sanctions imposed on the Philippines including the resumption of visa-free access for Filipino officials, resolving the four-year diplomatic dispute.

By. Jason E. / Based and in view on reports from xinhua



  1. We just have to balance our relationship with China and US. We need to have good relationship with both countries and accept as much military and economic aid from the Two giants.

  2. What a narrow concept of a politician who was once president of the country. Every country’s wish is to be friend with its neighbor and it is evident that the Philippine needs to do business with powerful nations like China. But who needs a country who is oppressive of its stance and at the same time tries to cheat by grabbing its territories? Who wants a cheating neighbor that creep behind your back? Certainly not the Philippine who had been through all sort of turmoil. Estrada’s statement that Philippine needs China more than China needs the Philippines is reflecting ones vision of a hind sight man who thinks that since the Philippine is small, it needs someone big to survive. He better keep that statement to himself as it not only lacks merit, it reflects the Philippine as a country who is desperate to accept a handshake after a big kick.

  3. The most corrupt and convicted gambler, murderer, and womanizer is at it again. China is already grabbing his country’s land piece by piece and yet he wants China to come in and do more damage to the infrastructure of his country? The only reason Estrada wants China to help is of course what he can get from them as kickbacks. Filipinos wise up, Estrada is a con man.

  4. dapat ginawa na ni pangulong kurakot yan nung sya pa ang nakaupo sa pwesto, eh ang inatupag nya ay papano sya makaka kulimbat sa pinas.Wala naman syang nagawa lalo na sa pagmodernize ng AFP at ngayon umeepal nanaman na sasabhin ni president kurakot na pro-china sya, di ba sya ang nagpaalis sa US base noong sya pa ang nakapwesto?At ngayon sinasakop na ng china ang teritoryo ng pilipinas, EPAL ka talaga ERAP wala kang kwenta.

  5. Another Failure..RIP E.R.A.P ur not worth to be a leader…thankz for ur idiots supporter idiots support their fellow idiots.

  6. Nakakahiya itong tao na to…no leadership skills kaya na bulok ang mga military assets ng pilipinas dahil sa tao nato, 80 million pesos was plundered by this genius… Ito ba gusto nyo para sa next generation na mga Pinoy? Estrada may be a good actor but he is one of the poorest performance of president I’ve seen in my life time.

  7. it is time for him to retire and rest, all of the political tragedies has now taking toll on his decisions, now you are one of those people who oust the us base, look at the consequences, again your dancing with the wolves! buti pa kaya dun ka na maging mayor sa kanila, wag mo na kami isama sa pelikula mo.

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