The Navy’s frigate project is the big-ticket item in the AFP’s “second horizon” modernization program other than the fighter jets and because of this I’m always attempting to find and look for pertinent costs of capable warships when proposing defense alternatives for a credible naval force for the Philippines.

Here is a particular list for this reason, a reference that can help everyone, and anyone who needs it. Your assistance and help in discovering relevant and applicable sources is tremendously appreciated.

As the budget increases each year, there is a big possibility that we can acquire more and more sophisticated military assets in the next few years.


HDMS Absalon Combat Frigate image courtesy:

1. HDMS Absalon (Denmark) – $269 million

HDMS Absalon, one of the largest ships in the history of the Royal Danish Navy, is a flexible support ship. She can be configured to provide command-and-control or combat support, or to serve as a supply platform or hospital ship. Commissioned in 2005


The U. S. Coast Guard's first national security cutter took to the sea operating in concert with the service's new maritime patrol aircraft, the Ocean Sentry HC-144, and a newly re-engined HC-65 helicopter Monday, Feb. 11, 2008. The flagship in the Coast Guard's first new class of large cutters in 25 years, Bertholf is the Coast Guard's largest ever patrol cutter. The launch in Pascagoula, Miss., began four days of builder trials that will test the cutter's systems and performance in advance of the Coast Guard formally accepting it later this spring, and commissioning the cutter for service this summer. Bertholf will be homeported in Alameda, Calif. U.S. Coast Guard photo by PAC Tom Sperduto
Bertholf Class Coast Guard Cutter / U.S. Coast Guard photo by PAC Tom Sperduto

2. Bertholf National Security Cutter – $641 million

The first Legend-class maritime security cutter of the United States Coast Guard. She was named for Commodore Ellsworth P. Bertholf

F100 Bazan Guided Missile Frigate / image courtesy: newwars

3. F100 Bazan (Spain) – $600 million

The F100-class frigates were one of the most effective surface combatant classes. Designed primarily for the air defense role against advanced airborne threats such as supersonic missiles and stealth aircraft with secondary capability against surface ships and submarines.  One of the most effective surface combatant classes with forty-eight missile cells. Usually thirty-two standard missiles and sixty four ESSM missiles were carried. These frigates will also perform as crisis management center and flag ship for the Spanish Navy or Multinational strike groups.

According to Spanish Government Sources, they are also intended as a ship-based ballistic missile defense system, but that seems to be unrealistic due to SPY-1D limitations.



  1. maganda yong arleigh burke class destroyer peru masyadong mahal.. ok! na itong incheon class ng south korea mura at maraming karga na weapons..

  2. The Philippines can forget it. Almost all the ships listed are unaffordable. They need to start with 2nd hand ships like the Chilean Navy and build up from there.

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