F-105 Cristobal Colón
F-105 Cristobal Colón Image courtesy: Diego Quevedo Carmona

4. F105 Cristobal Colon(Spain) – $954 million

This F105 frigate “Cristóbal Colón” is the fifth unit of the modern and multi-purpose F-100 AEGIS frigates, with which the Spanish Navy contributes to the objectives of National Defense at the dawn of the 21st century. It is a modern unit and the last of the F-100 series. Although warships are by nature austere vessels, the habitability has been improved to make her as comfortable as possible. The design has taken into account the possibility of turning the frigate into a Command and Control ship providing coverage to expeditionary forces and operating in a flexible way in coastal and blue waters scenarios.


De Zeven Provincien
Fregatte De Zeven Provincien / Image courtesy: seaforces.org

5. De Zeven Provincien (Netherlands) – $532 million


F590_Bergamini Frigate

6. FREMM (Franco/Italian)- $745 million

The FREMM are designed ​​in three versions: Anti-Submarine warfare, General Purpose and an anti-aircraft (FREDA) version. There are slight differences in equipment between the French and Italian versions due to the different nationalities of the industries involved.



  1. maganda yong arleigh burke class destroyer peru masyadong mahal.. ok! na itong incheon class ng south korea mura at maraming karga na weapons..

  2. The Philippines can forget it. Almost all the ships listed are unaffordable. They need to start with 2nd hand ships like the Chilean Navy and build up from there.

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