Valour MEKO A200 Imge courtesy: wikepedia

13. Valour MEKO A200 (South Africa) – $327 million

The South African Valour-class frigates are the major surface ships of the South African Navy. Their German manufacturer designates these warships as the MEKO A-200SAN type, member of its MEKO family of naval ships. They were designed and built using principles of stealthy design, including the extensive use of “X-form” structure design in which right angles and vertical surfaces are avoided, and techniques to reduce the infrared signature, such as expelling pre-cooled exhaust gasses just above the waterline. Blohm + Voss, the designers, claim that this class has the radar signature of a vessel one-half her size, 75% less infrared emissions than previous designs, as well as a 20% lower life-cycle cost, 25% lower displacement, and 30% fewer crewmen.


F-22P Zulfiquar
F-22P Zulfiquar image courtesy: reddit.com

14. F-22P Zulfiquar (China/Pakistan) – $200 million

The F-22P or Zulfiquar-class frigate (Urdu: ذوالفقار ‎ English: Sword class), is a general purpose frigate built by Pakistan and China for the Pakistan Navy (PN). They are an adaptation of the Type 053H3 frigates of China but include elements of the Type 054 frigates as well.

HMS Daring type 45

15. HMS Daring Type 45 (UK) – $976 million

Designed by BAE Systems, the Type 45 is an Anti-Air Warfare Destroyer conceived to protect UK and allied/coalition forces at sea and in the littoral against the full range of enemy aircraft and anti-ship missiles. In addition she has a wide suite of capabilities including Maritime Force Projection through Naval Fire Support and Littoral Manoeuvre.The Type 45 represents a quantam leap in surface warfare design and capability reflecting innovation, foresight and an eye to the future in virtually every aspect. High speed, extended endurance and aggressive capability combine to provide robust, versatile and economic maritime effect.




  1. maganda yong arleigh burke class destroyer peru masyadong mahal.. ok! na itong incheon class ng south korea mura at maraming karga na weapons..

  2. The Philippines can forget it. Almost all the ships listed are unaffordable. They need to start with 2nd hand ships like the Chilean Navy and build up from there.

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