China – A sinkhole suddenly opened while people are waiting for the bus in China. Four people was hurt and injured.

CCTV footage of the pavement giving way, which shows one person visible near the entrance, barely clinging on to an underground cable according to China’s Xinhua news on Wednesday.

The collapse area is about 10 square meters and about two meters deep.



  1. I love this propaganda crap.. I understand what you are doing. You are making the Chinese to look horrible and emorral. So you can make your people hate the Chinese. To justify why you are buying weapons. Its an american trick.. And not a nice one. I wish the Filipinos would of been the bigger man. And say we want peace not another american war..

    • Four people just got hurt from a sinkhole, so how the heck would that make other people hate the Chinese? Do you even know what you are talking about? Before you think of this propaganda crap, I think you should be more concerned on how those injured people are doing after what happened and how to make that ground stronger so that no more accidents will occur in the future.

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