WASHINGTON DC – A very dangerous close maneuvers of two Chinese fighter jets passed to an American spy plane in international airspace over the Yellow Sea, a US official said Tuesday.

News of the nearby encounter came as Chinese President Xi Jinping began a state visit to the United States.

A United States RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted by two Chinese fighter jet, crossed directly in front of it, wherein the incident happened September 15, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft
Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook

Peter Cook a Pentagon press secretary declined to give specifics about what happened but confirmed an incident had taken place.

“The pilot reported that he felt like the aircraft passed and went before his nose in a dangerous close proximity manner,” Cook told journalists.



By: Kevin N.



  1. Yes with chinese made aircraft flying really close of course its dangerous. You will never know when it will malfunction.

    • I think China is not a communist country. The rulers of China headed by Xi have abondoned the true communist principles . They have embraced capitalism and they are now leading China towards emperialism just like the US..

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