Mayor Duterte is a competitive candidate to sit for the highest position in the land. But he already said ‘8’ times that he is not interested in becoming the President. Here are the signs that he ‘might’ change his mind and all we saw are only his political strategies.


1. Mayor Duterte’s favorite book

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is one of Mayor Duterte’s favorite book.

“ART OF WAR: When you are WEAK act STRONG, if you are STRONG act like you are WEAK.. Deceive your enemy and strike when your enemy is less expecting you”. Click next to navigate.

Source: Rody Duterte Supporters OFW Worldwide


  1. Very nice article. But I think in the next coming days, expect more unexpected turn around. Just like the recent move by Inday of getting shaved to show support.

    Kudos to you. The Filipino people will now see Sun Tzu’s Art of War up close and live.

    It’s about time to show these mediocre politicians how 1 person turn around the political history from conventional to a new level. By sharing his passion of leadership not by money nor machinery, but through contagious clamor.

    I never felt so excited and nationalistic in my entire life.


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