As the United States missile destroyer USS Lassen” (DDG-82) sailed near one of China’s artificial islands in the disputed region. China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, warned the United States not to “make any provocative moves and don’t stir up troubles out of nothing” in the South China Sea.


“Wang Yi said that “we are deeply concerned and we urge the U.S. side to think twice, not to escalate tensions that may lead to a dangerous misunderstanding.”

During a seminar in Beijing, Wang made the comments responding to a question on the United States Navy sailing within 12 nautical miles of artificial islands recently built by China on key reefs in the disputed West Philippine Sea.

Foreign minister said “We are checking out the matter.”

United States missile destroyer USS Lassen” (DDG-82)

By: Jason E.



  1. China, your GREED will destroy you,and if war will break out because of this, the international law and the whole world will make sure to permanently cripple and sanction you.

  2. but who actually started creating trouble?

    the answer: the chinese!


    the chinese built and reclaimed rocks, reefs and islands that other nations, like the philippines, claim to be their legitimate territories, with the use of force. just because the chinese are stronger militarily, the chinese have bullied, intimidated and harassed smaller and weaker southeast asian nations.

    now that the chinese are getting a dose of their own medicine, the chinese are now crying like babies!


    the chinese are crying babies!!!!


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