As part of the Philippine military modernization program, the government is resuming the procurement of military hardware which include the acquisition of close-air support aircraft for the Philippine Air Force.

The Department of National Defense (DND) has scheduled on Oct. 12 the bid opening for the P4.9-billion contract for six close-air support aircraft wherein six foreign firms are expected to take part in the bidding process.

The six firms who bought bid documents for the contract are,

1. Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. A-29 Super Tucano

A-29 Super Tucano Brazilian Air Force

The Super Tucano is a robust and powerful turboprop aircraft capable of carrying out a wide range of missions, including close air support and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. With more than 130 weapons configurations certified, it is equipped with advanced electronic, electro-optic, infrared and laser system technologies, as well as secure radio systems with data links and unrivalled munitions capacity. The Super Tucano is the only combat proven and fully operational light attack/advanced training aircraft in the global market. This makes it highly reliable and allows for an excellent cost-benefit ratio for a wide range of military missions, even operating from unpaved runways and in hostile environments.

2. Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. The KAI KT-1 Woongbi

KA-1 Woongbi

KA-1 is a single engine basic trainer or light attack aircraft designed and built jointly by Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) and the Agency of Defence Development (ADD).

It is the first native aircraft developed principally to meet the requirements of the Republic of Korean Air Force. About 92 KA-1 aircraft are currently operational worldwide.

The KA-1 is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-62 turboprop engine, which can produce 950hp (708kW) of output power.

It also features five hard points of which two are located under each wing and one under the fuselage. The hard points can accommodate rocket launchers, gun pods and AIM-9 sidewinder missiles.

3. US-based Beechcraft Defense Company – Beechcraft AT-6

Hawker Beechcraft AT-6

The AT-6 is a multi-role, multi-mission aircraft system designed to meet the needs for the emergent Light Attack mission. The AT-6 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PTA 68D engine. The aircraft is outfitted with equipment including CMC Esterline’s mission modified Cockpit 4000, Lockheed Martin’s A-10C-based mission system and L-3 WESCAM’s MX-15Di sensor suite. The result is a plug-and-play mission system architecture that combines state-of-the-art data link, combat communications capabilities, extensive variety of weapons delivery modes and precision weapons tailored for the AT-6.

4. IOMAX USA, Inc. The Archangel

The Archangel

The Archangel is uniquely equipped with a high performance EO/IR reconnaissance and targeting capability combining a suite of precision strike weapons that can execute precision strike missions with low collateral damage against both moving and fixed targets. The EO/IR system allows for wide area search and also magnification for identification. The Archangel carries munitions similar to existing fixed wing attack aircraft and helicopters, including 2.75” (70 mm) Laser Guided Missiles, Hellfire AGM-114 Missiles, and GBU-58 and GBU-12 Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs.

With all six wing store stations carrying weapons, the Archangel provides the ability to engage a broad spectrum of both soft and hard targets. From patrol boats to ground vehicles, the Archangel provides the crew the means to locate, identify, track, destroy and conduct battle damage assessment. Load out examples include 48 precision laser guided 2.75” missiles or 12 Hellfire missiles or 6 Paveway II guided MK81 or MK82 bombs. No current military platforms are known to accommodate this variety of weapons needed for the precision strike and CAS roles.

5. European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company-Construcciones Aeronautics SA (EADS-CASA) Airbus Defense and Space 

6. Israeli defense contractor Elbit systems

There are no details yet on what type of aircraft for European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company and Israeli defense contractor Elbit systems.

The DND released some important information on the specification of the aircraft, which was said to be loosely based on the specifications of the Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano. This include the following details:

Technical Specifications Summary:

Quantity: 6 brand new, factory new aircraft, fully aerobatic

Landing Gears: Retractable

Flight Capability: Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Condition (IIMC) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) capable;

Cruising Speed: minimum of 220 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS)

Endurance: minimum of 2 hours and thirty minutes (2.5 hrs) at armed configuration at normal cruising speed without auxiliary tanks

Seating Configuration: dual tandem seating

Payload: at least 3,000 lbs, with at least 5 hard points, and at least 600 lbs capacity for each hard point.

Service Ceiling: at least 25,000 feet

Short Take-off and Landing Capability: maximum 3,000 meters take-off and landing roll @ Maximum Gross Take-off Weight (MTOW)

Power Plant: New turbine engine(s), time between overhaul of at least 3,000 flight hours, suitable for tropical (hot, humid and high altitude environment), restart ability within 15 minutes after shutdown.

Weapons Systems: all weather capability, capable of multiple munition mix loading, and capacity for 2 50-caliber machine guns either built-in or using gun pods

Avionics Systems: compatible or better with current data bus MIL-STD 1553

Flight Instrument:
– Day Visual Flight Rules (DVFR), Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR), and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR);
– Heads Up Display (HUD) with integrated flight performance, navigation, and weapons targeting and delivery in day and night environment;
– 2 Multi-function Display for front and rear cockpits, 5×7 inches showing aircraft flight performance, navigation, targeting, and tactical mission system display;
– Hands-on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) for both front and rear cockpits;

Navigation Equipment:
– Basic equipment for IFR flights, brand new and calibrated for sustained high G-forces;
– Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS)
– Digital Moving Map, compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVG),
– at least 1 unit VOR/ILS;
– at least 1 unit IFF Transponder;

Fire Control System:
– compatible or better with current data bus MIL-STD 1553
-capable of Air to Air, and Air to Ground modes;
– Equipped with EO/IR capable of FLIR, Imaging, and Targeting System, with Laser Designator and  Rangefinder, NVG compatible;

Airframe: rated for minimum of 12,000 flight hours

– Zero-Zero ejection seat, with life raft, survival and First Aid Kit, and Emergency Located Transmitter Device per seat
– Front and Rear Cockpit armor plating, ballistic tolerance up to 7.62mm ammunition;
– Jettison-able external stores;
– Equipped with Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and Missile Alert Warning System (MAWS)
– Equipped with Chaffs and Flares

Environmental System:
– Equipped with On-Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS),
– Cockpit Temperature Control / Equipment Cooling,
– Anti-G System

The Philippines has a budget of P85.3 billion suspended earlier in May pending the go-ahead of President Benigno S. C. Aquino III apart from an annual budget from Congress.

These include two navy frigates worth P18 billion, two long-range patrol aircraft worth P5.9 billion and three air surveillance radars worth P2.68 billion.

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By: Jason E.




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