12193336_798946916893932_7536610364682656237_nPala Pala Robinsons Cavite – According to the victim, the suspect will first ask you to take a picture of her using your mobile phone and her reason is her family in Cotabato wants to see her at least in pictures. After taking pics, she’s gonna ask if she may see the pictures,then she will talk to you like she knows you very well, to the point that she’s got a problem with you and your family and will accuse you that you stole her phone and will ask you to give it back, or else at least pay her P100 per week.

The only way to avoid this kind of modus operandi is to avoid talking to people you just met. But if you already did, just never let them control your mind. If you are alone, pretend that your friends or family are nearby, don’t hesitate to call the attention of security guards and other people that can help you. Share this to warn the others.



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