China is asking the Philippine government to agree and solve the issue of West Philippine Sea bilaterally. That both countries will benefit equally, though. At a certain point of views meet each other halfway.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei

“We should implement the important consensus reached by both leaders during last year’s APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, constructively handle relevant issues and create atmosphere and conditions for the return of better relations to the right course of development,” Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said in a press briefing November 9.

“It is hoped that the Philippine side will meet China halfway.” Hong Lei said.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario

Today, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario is scheduled to meet Foreign Affairs Minister of China Wang Yi. “Both will exchange views on how to improve the relationship between China and the Philippines,” Hong Lei added.

Wang Yi and del Rosario will also make preparations for the planned Manila visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting next week.

Foreign Affairs Minister of China Wang Yi.

The high-level bilateral meeting today is first after tension in light of the West Philippine Sea dispute between the Philippines and China since it started in 2012.

A Chinese spokesman said that “The bilateral relationship is assailed by the challenges and difficulties due to reasons known to all. This is not what the Chinese side wants to see. The Chinese side attaches importance to its relationship with the Philippines and stays focused on legitimately determining pertinent issues through consultations and negotiations.” – Carl E.

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  1. You now asking halfway, WHY, we are not interested to your proposal, in the first place that part of the sea is our, why you asking halfway. You go back to Beijing and stay on your fake product.

  2. Meeting halfway requires talking as equals. When Phils was ready to talk, China bullied its navy and fishermen out of the islands Phils occupied. China pushed Phils to seek arbitration – the only peaceful avenue left. Having a neutral third party arbiter is more peaceful and fair than bilateral talks. No amount of bullying will favor one side over the weaker.

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