The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte shown this photo to the public that contains the platform of government that Duterte will pursue as President of the Philippines.

Photo credit: MRRD NECC

Duterte will fight corruption, drugs and criminality. He will also fix the government administration, make some urban and rural transportation infrastructures, tax reforms, shifting of the current government to the federal form and will build disaster resilient communities.

Shifting of the current government to a federal form will be the most hated part on the list by the law makers because it means they will be wipe out on their post.

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  1. Can he really do that? I am doubtful, but hopeful. But that’s a lot better than the alternatives: Binay, Poe and Roxas. So I’m voting and campaigning for him.

    Will he turn into a Ferdinand Marcos? We don’t know, but if he does, the Filipino people know what to do. We have matured enough to fight against Marcos-type dictatorship and that cannot happen again, or blood will shed again. I don’t think Digong will be that bad.

    If I will choose between a sure million pesos and a 50/50 chance to win 20 million, i would go for the latter.

    • We have no choice but to vote him, Alam na natin ang kartada ni Mar at Binay, Kung si Poe naman di uubra yan sa mga Military gen. at mga demonyong adviser nya la rin yan so try natin si Duterte para masubukan naman.

      • Yes, we have a choice that is, to vote for Duterte who is untested in national governance or to vote for someone else who we already know. Of course nobody’s perfect but I’d rather cast my lot on someone with the least imperfection.

  2. Motherhood statements without specifics are nothing. Any candidate can promise the same things.

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