The United States Navy is set to launch another warship to patrol within 12 nautical miles of artificial islands in the West Philippine Sea before the year 2015 ends, a U.S. Navy official said on Friday.

Last month a guided missile destroyer, USS Lassen of the U.S. Navy sailed close to one of China’s man-made islands in the Spratly Islands to express its rights and freedom of navigation under international law, drawing an angry rebuke from Beijing.

United States destroyer, USS Lassen, Photo credit to
U.S. President Barack Obama -Photo credit to

The U.S. Navy planned and arranged two or more patrols every three months in the region as green light orders from U.S. President Barack Obama. A plan to frequently practice its rights under international law and remind China and others about its views, or perspective and the next patrol most likely to launch in December. Navy officials said.

On Thursday, President Obama requested China, stop land reclamation work that is transforming seven reefs into artificial islands. China is building landing strips and other military facilities on some of them.

Meanwhile, A Chinese defense ministry’s website published its report on Thursday that Admiral Wu Shengli, China’s top official said. The US provocation in the disputed region made his forces show “huge and enormous restraint” giving a warning to the U.S. not to escalate tensions and should not push them to the limit causing China’s PLA forces stand ready to respond to repeated breaches of Chinese sovereignty. – Carl E.



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