“FORGIVING THE TERRORISTS IS UP TO GOD. BUT SENDING THEM TO HIM IS UP TO ME.” This quote allegedly said by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, a man with a well-known hardline stance when it comes to dealing with terrorists is now circulating on the internet and has been requoted, retweeted, shared across social media in just a couple of days.

Lebanese journalist Remi Maalouf apologized after she took Putin’s quote from a false Facebook post. Remi already deleted the original tweet and posted this tweet.

This is the original message of Putin.


After Google translate it in English.

Vladimir Putin: Let us remember the victims again.

(A moment of silence.)

Russia is not the first time faced with the barbarous terrorist crimes, often for no apparent reason, external or internal, as it was with the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd in late 2013. We have no one and nothing is forgotten.

The murder of our people in the Sinai – including the bloodiest in the number of victims.And we are not going to wipe the tears from our hearts and souls. It will remain with us forever. But that does not prevent us to find and punish the perpetrators.

Source: Kremlin