Photo credit to Philippine Air Force

This Saturday morning, November 28, two of a squadron of Golden Eagle FA-50PH fighter jets has just arrived at Clark Air Force Base in Pampanga.

The two aircraft do a flyby and accompanied with the older S211 trainer jets of the Philippine Air force in a diamond formation.

Diamond formation of FA-50PH and S211 jets, Photo credit to Philippine Air Force

A welcome ceremony was given to the jets using “water cannon salute” where firefighting vehicles spray water on newly arrived aircraft  while they were taxiing.

Photo credit to Philippine Air Force

This brand new fighter jets marks the return of the Philippine Air Force to the supersonic age. The jets were flown to the Philippines by South Korean pilots and will only be formally turned over to the Philippine Air Force after a series of acceptance flights. Another ceremony is expected.

Ten more FA-50s will arrive between 2016 and 2017 to complete the squadron that cost the government P18.9 billion ($401.6 million).


Actually the FA-50 is a lead-in fighter trainer aircraft, however, it is likewise called a fighter contender aircraft in view of its base contender capacities. The FA-50 configuration is gotten to a great extent from the United States’ F-16 fighting falcon. This implies it won’t be an issue if the Philippines, later on, gets the budget to move and upgrade to the more high-tech sophisticated fighter aircraft.Carl E.

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