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Davao City – Under the initiative of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has actualized multi-million underground utility links framework now it’s going full swing.

All utility cables and wires for telecommunications, electricity and other lines hanging in posts and dangling all around the city will be buried underground, and will be hidden from plain sight.

Just like in the US and  Saudi Arabia, all cables or wires hanging in wooden or cement posts will be a thing of the past and will never be an obstruction anymore.

In Metro Manila, most cables here are badly installed in the side streets and growing each year except in a well develop areas and privately owned land.

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The pilot-project included in the team are the City Transport and Traffic Management Office, DPWH, DCWD, Bureau of Fire Protection, and telecommunications representatives of DLPC, PLDT, Globe, DCTech, Skycable, Bayantel. -Davaostar, MLD