The Department of National Defense (DND) is now collaborating with the the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) expert to build military drones and UAV.

(DND) Secretary Voltaire Gazmin

Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Voltaire Gazmin approached Executive Director Dr. Carlos Primo David of the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) for a possible partnership in building drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. (UAVs)

According to the DOST’s technology research team, they made it clear that research and development (R&D) for UAVs does not include making of war materials.

David said, A Memorandum of Agreement will be signed this coming April by DOST-PCIEERD in partnership and cooperation with the DND for the UAV program under planning, a two-year tie-up that is open to renewal as the need requests.

David said, “Anything that will keep our troops safe,” is an assurance of the PCIEERD’s readiness in conducting R&D on drones for various applications, including potentially for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).


However, David explained that that the dialog is still in the process  and that the PCIEERD has a limitation on its R&D, with a reservation on the making of firearms and explosives.

He said that his perspective is that the military has numerous community activities for which a drone would prove to be useful.

He said a UAV Consortium is in the blink of an eye being formed, as he welcomed the academe, the private division, other invested parties and individuals to join.

US (left) and Philippine navy personnel launch unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV),

The PCIEERD head additionally approached other government agencies to work jointly with the DOST so that every research could be easily customized according to their needs. – Carl E.