A Korean firm the Hanwha Techwin was pronounced as the winning bidder by the Department of National Defense acquisition project in providing eight Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) for the Philippine Marines.

Hanwha Techwin, formerly Samsung Techwin, the company that produces Amphibious Assault Vehicle KAAV7A1(AAV). Designed to assault any shoreline from the decks of Navy assault ships, AAVs are highly mobile, tracked armored amphibious vehicles that transport Marines and cargo to and through hostile territory.

 Techwin KAAV7A1 (photos Militaryphotos)
Hanwha Techwin KAAV7A1 (photos Militaryphotos)

The contract price for the acquisition of eight brand-new AAVs is PhP2.423 billion. These amphibious vehicles will render service to Philippine Marine Corps of Philippine Navy when delivered. The approved budget for the said acquisition was PhP2.5 billion.

Right now, the units of the Philippine Marines that are included in the Balikatan 2016 have conducted AAV familiarization training with the American forces.

Amphibious Assault Vehicle KAAV7A1(AAV). Photo credit maxdefense

This 8 Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) is among the seven multi-year contract projects that President Aquino approved.

The approval also includes two frigates, two anti-submarine helicopters for Philippine Navy; two long-range patrol aircraft, six close-air support aircraft, munitions for FA-50 and three air surveillance radars for the Philippine Air Force. – Jason E.