A Ronald McDonald statue was forcibly dismantled on Sunday by three‪ ‎Guangzhou‬ chengguan (urban management officers).

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The statue was reportedly carried off from the sidewalk in front of the McDonald’s on Longzhu Street, in Guangzhou’s Huadu District. Officers broke the statue at its base when they tore it down, though Ronald’s shoes remain in place. Photos taken at the scene later went viral online.

It is illegal to place outdoor advertising on sidewalks. The logic behind this law is that advertisements might obstruct pedestrians and/or cause them to stumble, explained one chengguan.

The Ronald McDonald statue is just one illegal outdoor advertising item that was taken on that day for the sake of the city’s appearance and environment, according to the officer. Before it was dismantled, the statue was called an “eyesore.”

“We’ve asked them to remove the Ronald McDonald statue from the sidewalk several times. But they have refused to cooperate,” said an employee at the government sub-district office.

“If the McDonald’s staff admit their violation and accept the punishment, they can have their statue back,” the officer added.