In the coming weeks, the United Nations’ Permanent Court of Arbitration is set to issue a ruling on the arbitration case between the Philippines and China.

If the ruling favors the Philippines there is no guarantee that China will follow the decision because they refused to honor the UN arbitral tribunal and reiterated that it has indisputable sovereignty over the disputed sea.

So what can the Philippines do? Aside from asking help from allies.

Three years ago, Congressman Roilo Golez a former security adviser and a veteran legislator urged the government to buy as soon as possible, on a government-to-government arrangement at least fifty (50) “Brahmos Cruise Missiles” from India and aim them on China’s airstrip in Fiery-cross reef, part of the Philippines exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the West Philippine sea.

Golez said, “we can allocate an amount from the Malampaya fund, which a distinguished legal expert told me can be used for this defense project.”

China’s man-made island at Fiery-cross reef West Philippine sea

According to Congressman Golez, the “Brahmos cruise missile” is one of the best weapons installed in an Indian made stealth frigate INS Satpura scheduled to visit the Philippines next month (June 2016).

Defense expert agrees that the effectiveness of at least two to three “Brahmos” can definitely disable the China’s airstrip or for a 50 of those cruise missiles surely can pulverize and wipe out that entire China’s artificial island in the West Philippine sea.

INS Satpura (F48) Shivalik class frigates or Project 17 class frigates are multi-role frigates with stealth features being built for the Indian Navy (4)
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What is a Brahmos cruise missile?


BRAHMOS is the leading supersonic cruise missile capable of hitting sea-based targets beyond radar horizons. The missile with pinpoint accuracy can be launched as far as 290km from the target and can be launched either inclined or vertically configuration based on the type of the ship or user requirements.

It can be installed as part of its primary weapons system in the previously acquired two U.S. made cutter ship, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, and BRP Ramon Alcaraz or onto a fixed wing aircraft like the Philippines’ FA-50 fighter jet.

Likewise, it can be installed on a Philippine Army mobile truck. They can be repositioned anywhere in the country that is accessible by road network and can be airlift by the Philippine Air Force’s C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, and can be hidden from aerial or satellite reconnaissance systems if necessary.


So, what do you think? Should we consider Congressman Golez proposal in acquiring a Brahmos supersonic cruise missile?

Well, based on our point of views the Congressman was right. Being a former security adviser, Congressman Golez definitely knew what he was saying because of his outstanding qualification.

He went to the Philippine Military Academy and US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, major in mathematics and operations analysis.

Golez also took up Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of the Philippines where he graduated valedictorian of his class.

In order to protect the Philippines sovereignty against any foreign aggressor like China, The Philippines must immediately arm itself, build-up our country’s territorial/maritime defense capabilities ASAP. –Jason E.



  1. Fillipino has less fighting ability , can’t stand against Han PLA.waste of supply. Vietnam even Indonesia is better bet.

  2. It’s the responsibility of government to equip and enable it’s armed forces so that it is capable of defending and protecting the country and it’s citizens. The Philippine military now is very sorely lacking in equipment and could really use anything new added to it’s current arsenal.

    • There is no pakistani counterpart to Brahmos, all pakistan has is old outdated slow as a dead dog cruise missiles that are sitting ducks to any credible military with CIWS.

  3. Buy all that is necessary to defend our country planes, ships, hardware, missiles etc…

  4. In reality Philippines can afford to buy brahmos missile, but our government officials are dilly dallying becouse americans want to sell theire overprice outdated missile hawk missile to us,lack in range and accuracy,also politicians and afp generals want a big chunks of commisions from the weapons supplier,look around there no real force in Afp to stop or confront the invading chinese coast guard ship nomatch vs the crying afp the world is saying how stupid we are.Why vietnam and indonesia can buy new stealth submarine and frigates,able to defend theire sovereignity but the philippines is like a barking dog, boastfully said that the economy grow next to china.Where is the money ah it was hiding in the pocket of politcians as a pork barrel fund, making road to my farm or village,making nonsense project then profiting themselves from it. This is reality were ordinary pilipino do not mind becouse they think it is incurable like a cancer. Whoever wins in election will be corrupt again becouse politics in this nation is bussiness and protection for themselves again and again…

    • Hawk is surface to air missile. Brahmos is surface to surface. Apples to oranges. Probably you meant Tomahawk. Tomahawk is proven and has a new long range advance version. Brahmos is untested in war conditions. Brahmos is more expensive and our ships may not be compatible.

      • The problem with Tomahawk is that it is Outdated & easily intercepted, only weak countries & terrorists cannot intercept Tomahawk.

        China’s chips can destroy Tomahawks like mosquitoes, whereas Brahmos cannot be countered by anyone on Earth other than Indian-Israeli missile Barak-8, which even USA doesn’t have.

        Brahmos will eat any Chinese ship like a sitting duck. So Philippines having 1 Brahmos is equivalent to it having a 100 Tomahawks.

    • I respectfully concur with “Ako Madamosiya” you cannot compare a Hawk Missile System since it is a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) for Air Defense, while the Brahmos Cruise Missile is a Surface to Surface missile. I also agree the Brahmos is an operational system, but not yet battle tested like the Tomahawk. i would rather chose the Tomahawk because since its inception in 1983 it has evolved and continuously updated. The preferred choice would be the latest variant which is the Block IV with maritime interdiction capability, new millimeter wave radar, new targeting capability, new ESM (Electronic Support Measures) capability, new Strike Network capability and new High Anti-Jam GPS system. This variant is multipurpose able to engage moving targets like ships and mobile SAMs on those fake islands and around its vicinity.

  5. The afp for its air defence was proposing to buy hawk missile which is antiquated, since brahmos is supersonic it cant be intercepted easily by enemy defences.If we analized which is more important right now is that offensive missile to retaliate in case china fire at pag asa island,we can counter attack,sink their ships and blow their fake island nor structure hehehe,if you further read brahmos is compatible in our system…

    • You are right, in fact no one on Earth can intercept Brahmos-I Cruise missile except India & in future Israel, the only interceptor missile capable to countering Brahmos is the Indo-Israeli Barak-8 Interceptor missile.

  6. Technically, the Brahmos is now the world’s fastest and very accurate (1 m) supersonic cruise missile which use ramjet engines. Even the U.S. (which has its subsonic Tomahawk cruise missiles with turbofan engines) still doesn’t have this kind of deployed weapon yet. A prototype of the hypersonic Boeing X-51 Waverider has been tested for a few minutes of flight but it will be still many years ahead from full production and deployment.

    Russia and India on the other hand is now now developing the hypersonic Brahmos II which will now use scramjet engines and be able to achieve speeds of Mach 5 or faster. Unlike regular subsonic cruise missiles and even ICBMs, (of which a counter defense system can be developed) a hypersonic vehicle like the Brahmos can be very hard to detect and kill due to its tremendous speed and very low level flight.

  7. bwahahaha. the Indian military are getting the better Israeli-made missiles than the Bras. hehhehe

    • I am sorry fellow blogger, but India has only one weapon platform that they have acquired from the Israeli and that’s the Barak 1 & 8 Missile which cannot be compared to the Brahmos Cruise Missile since it is a Surface to Air (SAM) Missile System.

  8. we need to buy weapons to enforce the decision on the UN tribunal which i think we will win the case against china and china will not honor the decision!

  9. is better to buy a brahmos missile than a tomahawk missile because brahmos range is 450 km, speed is 2.8mach, guided by gps or glosnass it has active radar homing, lauch platform ship, aircraft,submarines and land base mobile platforms. and it has a 1 m accuracy..while hawk missle range is 50 km,guided by active radar homing,speed is 2.5mach,only a mobile platform ..

  10. You have got 50. They have got thousands, some of which are better than brahmos
    Unless you have a death wish, you are not serious about shooting them at those islands.

  11. There is another reason Philippines should get the Brahmos missile, besides its quality.
    Cooperation and mutual support of two countries threatened by China is natural. In fact, the Philippines should actively join the emerging anti-China alliance of India-Vietnam-Japan-US.
    If not for Duterte, that would already be happening.
    China CANNOT enforce its South China Sea claim if Vietnam and Philippines have ship killing missiles. The Brahmos will protect the 200 mile security zone.

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